(Photo: Tiffany Evans)
(Photo: Tiffany Evans)

After bouncing in and out of the spotlight for years, R&B singer Tiffany Evans promises that she’s back for good with a new single and upcoming project. However, it was only a couple of weeks ago that people were discussing her domestic violence situation instead of buzzing about her latest single “Switch Up.”

Though Evans is mostly known for her 2007 hit single “Promise Ring,” she’s managed to pop out a few more love songs throughout the years, while enjoying her life as a wife and mother of two.

Unfortunately, the 26-year-old singer became the topic of discussion after revealing that she was a victim of domestic violence in a former relationship.

Through an image on Instagram that featured an image of two holes in a wall, Evans came clean about the truth of what she’s been dealing with behind closed doors. The post went up early in November with a caption that read:

“This is reason #1 left my ex. What I’m not going to do is suffer in silence because this man doesn’t wanna let me go. Yes, this is tonight. The black eyes, the busted lips, the countless embarrassments, the cheating, the lying, I’ve endured for years and so much shit on my name because of this man. Somehow I’m still the blame for moving on. NOW the cats out the bag.”

Evans has since deleted the post and is now open to talking about her situation.

“I went through a breakup, a very tough breakup from my ex. I was never really fully appreciated the way the way that I needed to be,” Evans said.

“I was definitely taken for granted. Cheated on, lied to, all of those things that make a woman not only insecure about herself, her self-esteem is affected by all of that as well.”

Throughout Evans’ confessions about her toxic relationship, outright mentions the other person. However, the public immediately pointed fingers at the obvious culprit, Evans’ husband Lorenzo Henderson who’s known as a professional dancer.

The couple met back when he was a backup dancer for singer Ciara. This also isn’t the first time that Henderson has been put on blast for not honoring his wedding vows. In 2015, reports surfaced that he cheated on Evans with another woman.

Most people would wonder why she stayed for so long and didn’t come forward soon, which Evans provides an answer for.

“I think I was a little fearful on doing that for so long because I didn’t know how this might come out,” Evans said.”

Evans also provides an answer to why she decided to air out her dirty laundry on social media.

“It’s so crazy because to me it was all terrible timing. I was angry. I had gotten into a big argument that night. I just said to myself that enough is enough with being silent about what’s going or what has happened. I can’t argue anymore. I can’t fuss about it anymore.”

As she continues, Evans expresses what it felt like being a victim of domestic violence and not having a voice.

“I got tired of being in bondage and feeling like a prisoner to the issues I was dealing with. I finally decided to open up and speak up about,” said Evans.

“ It was really off of impulse, it wasn’t something that I had planned. I had gotten into an argument and I emotionally reacted.”

Not letting adversity get in her way, Evans released “Switch Up,” shortly after telling her truth to the world.

“In that record, I basically talked about some of the things that happened in that relationship and what it took for me to switch up,” said Evans.

“I felt like in order to get what I need as far as building myself back up I had to switch things up.”

Understandably, the song is a different sound from the bubbly young girl with a big voice, singing about love and relationships. Evans is coming harder than she’s ever done before; hence the “switch up.”

“I’ve never been this aggressive in my music and that’s going to be the surprising part for a lot of people. I’m just ready to give it all to you guys, said Evans.”

Since dropping the single, Evans has received a positive response on her new direction in music. But she isn’t stopping here, Evans cooking up an entire project that she plans on releasing within the first months of 2019.

She’s already selected a second single to release and plans on giving her fans the music video to “Switch Up,” in January.

“It’s very important to me to be able to release this new music. I’ve been holding it in for so long and we been working hard and spending time on every detail, said Evans.”

“Switch was really an appetizer more than anything, so I’m excited for what’s coming next.”

Drawing strength from her situations instead of crumbling from the weight of her issues, Evans is staying focused on her career, her family, and her healing.

“I think it’s for the better because I got a lot of stories from a lot of young women and a lot of people dealing with things like that. It just inspired me to keep being honest and fearless about opening up,” said Evans.

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