The Atlanta Voice newspaper was founded by Mr. Ed Clayton, a formidable newspaperman and J. Lowell Ware in 1966 with a defined vision and mission, which has been the publications’ motto and driving force ever since: “A People Without A Voice Cannot Be Heard.” Mr. Clayton died after the first issue of the paper was produced leaving Mr. Ware as the sole publisher.

The venerable, award-winning publication was born out of the refusal of the white-owned majority Atlanta media to give fair and credible coverage to the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement. It was effectively and uniquely spearheaded by the legendary and politically powerful, J. Lowell Ware, who when he died at age 63 in 1991, had been responsible for publishing seven newspapers throughout the states of Georgia and Alabama; The Atlanta Voice, The Athens Voice, The Macon Voice, The Tuskegee Voice, The Pensacola Voice, The Inter-Scholastic Journal and The Atlanta Inquirer.

The paper was started “out of the movement,” remembers his daughter and current Atlanta Voice Publisher, Janis Ware; a dynamic and charismatic housing expert, businesswoman and community activist, who readily assumed the role and responsibility for fulfilling her father’s vision. Janis Ware is a University of Georgia Business School graduate, whose career has been unwavering in completing her father’s lifelong interest in publishing and community development.

She has continued the mission and vision of The Atlanta Voice as the unchallenged leader and foremost provider of news and information pertinent to the well being of Atlanta’s African American community. For years, Janis Ware worked alongside her famous father in the publishing business learning his style, understanding his dedication to excellence, and receiving inspiration from his passion for his people. His legacy has also become her mission. She continues in the spirit of the high journalistic standards and commitment to the community passed on to her by her esteemed father.