Suhhhhh?! You know I told you about the great time I had with my bestest frrrrennnn, at The Great XScape Tour concert, here in Atlanta, GA. Welp, it looks like in true Atlanta fashion there was some drama backstage.

Just about in every city, Tamar Braxton has brought artists from that specific hometown on stage. It seems like she was trying to do the same with TS Madison and Khia–creators of The Queen’s CourtKandi Burruss and Tiny shut that ish down.

According to reports, the group members were not here for the duo, because Khia went in on Toya Wright and Reginae, Toya and Lil’ Wayne’s daughter, in a recent episode of their show.

There are conflicting reports, but some are suggesting that Tamar still has an issue with Toya Wright. Bringing Khia and TS Madison on stage was only to get back at the ex-wife of Lil’ Wayne.

But, Tamar’s BFF, Mr. L. Davis, set the record straight.

He posted:





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