Editor’s Note: Naked and Unashamed is here to encourage others to be vulnerable, shift their perspective and increase their faith through real stories of hope, faith, struggles and triumphs of extra-ordinary people in the community. It is my hope that someone’s life is impacted, changed, shifted, healed and brought closer to the Father through the stories presented in this column.

Rosemary Salem is a brand strategist, speaker, author and CEO at Rosemary Salem and Company, LLC. who helps visionary entrepreneurs build global brands. This is her journey and story to becoming naked and unashamed.

Q: Tell us what sets your soul on fire and why.

I have an unwavering passion for helping business owners take it to the next level because it truly makes me HAPPY! I created my first business at age 16. Then I lost my mother, and my life turned upside down.

I lost my business, my drive, and my will to live. It seemed life had dealt me cards I could no longer play. I dropped out of college, and remember asking myself over and over again: “How am I going to make it now?” 

Deep inside, I knew I was destined for bigger, better things. I knew if I could believe it again, I could do it again! Less than a year later, I was back in college, started a new business and was alive again.  Through all my personal setbacks and failures, I learnt to create a winning mindset, in business and in life. I learnt if you understand your worth, you’re unstoppable! 

What are you most proud of and why?

I’m most proud of my growth because being a business owners makes you grow and many quit because they aren’t ready to go through that self-development.

What has been your biggest failure and how did you rebound?

My biggest failure was my first event! It was in Atlanta and I ran Facebook Ad and set up everything and one person came two hours late! I was devastated. I had spent so much money to prepare for this event and it was a failure. I believe that person coming late saved my business because I was going to quit. Instead of quitting, I kept going because you are going to experience some form of failure on your journey but it’s not the end.

What three things can you offer as practical advice for those who are struggling to face their failure and start again?

Where you are now hurts so MOVE! You can always start again it’s all up to you! Practice what you preach. If you believe it can happen then make it happen’.

What is something that you are unashamed to share with others?

I invested a lot of money in my business that created debt. Debt I was aware I was taking on but the vision I had was more important than the debt.

What was the tipping point on your journey that allowed you to become unashamed?

When I heard similar stories about others who made crazy sacrifices. It’s true you have to get uncomfortable and be willing to give your all.

When it comes to your faith, what have you learned the most?

Faith has levels and we always talk about storms and every level there’s another devil. Real faith makes you grow and evolve into a better version of yourself.

In three words or less The Father is:

Ruler, Protector, and Instructor

What service(s) do you provide for the community?

I help smart, bold, achieving entrepreneurs build extraordinary brands with extraordinary results! I teach you how to gain clarity around your personal brand so you can produce the results (and the life) you want! I love what I do so much that I offer complimentary workshops at local libraries a few times a year, to give those who may not be able to invest in high level coaching an opportunity to learn and grow.

Because of your commitment, what is the greatest success story you can share?

My greatest success story is releasing my book, “Dominate Your Market!” It changed my life and has opened countless doors for my business.

Do you have any upcoming events, products or updates that you would like to share and how can the audience help support?

Yes, I will be hosting weekly workshops this summer so make sure you connect with me on social media so you don’t miss out!

Where can people connect with you online?

All social media is @RosemarySalemCo and www.rosemarysalem.com

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