Cascade Road is known for many things, but brunch is not one of them. At least that’s what Gocha Hawkins thought prior to opening her new brunch spot, Gocha’s Breakfast Bar.

Scheduled to officially open on Thursday, Jan. 10, Gocha’s Breakfast Bar recently hosted a few private tastings to get feedback from Hawkins’ friends and residents of the community.

With a menu that boasts local brunch staples including a variety of pancakes and french toasts, chicken and waffles, salmon and grits, a Greek salad, and a full bar, Hawkins said she thinks that the new spot will be a hit amongst the locals.

“I thought it was very important to open a business here where I reside,” Hawkins said.

A notable hairstylist, Hawkins is the owner of Gocha Salon which is located in Midtown. She arrived in the city back in 2010 and erected her hair salon in May of the following year.

Prior to moving to Atlanta, Hawkins was mostly known for her work in beauty and entertainment which spanned over 20 years. In addition to working with celebrities, she was also an image consultant for the NBA.

Now an Atlanta resident of eight years, Hawkins lives in southwest Atlanta, not too far from her new restaurant. She’s been a resident of the area since purchasing her home back in 2014.

Last year, she announced her plans to open a brunch restaurant on Cascade Road during her salon’s “grand re-opening party.” However, no one thought that Hawkins would be opening her new business venture this soon.

Though her primary trade is hair, Hawkins is not afraid to get down and dirty in the kitchen.

“Everything that’s on the menu, these are my recipes,” Hawkins said.

The entrepreneur ties a thought or feeling with almost every item on the menu. One item in particular that she’s given great thought to is the menu’s vegan burger.

A crowd favorite, Hawkins admits that she struggles on deciding whether to leave it on the menu, as is or change the name to prevent deterring non-vegans. Many who have tried the burger agree that they would not have known it was vegan from the taste.

Not only is she involved with what goes on in the kitchen, but Hawkins also isn’t too proud to seat a customer, pour a drink, plate a dish, or scrub the floor. Her staff has witnessed, first hand, the entrepreneur excessively cleaning.

Definitely an upgrade from the local Waffle House, the breakfast bar has been opening here and there to prepare for when it’s officially open.

With just a week away from its grand opening, Gocha’s Breakfast Bar plans to have regular hours Monday through Sunday at 7 a.m.; closing at 3 p.m. on weekdays and 4 p.m. on the weekends.

Visit Gocha’s Breakfast Bar at 3695 Cascade Rd., Atlanta, GA 30331 in the Cascade Crossing shopping center next to I-285.

(Photo: Marlon Griffith)

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