R&B star K. Michelle celebrated “Puff Meets Pearl at Garden Parc,” her latest venture as a restauranteur, on Saturday, January 18th, with her business partner Shema Fulton.

The result of the singer expanding her current Edgewood restaurant Puff & Petals, “Puff Meets Peral at Garden Parc ” is a continuing pop-up event that will be featured every Saturday until the opening of the new permanent location.

And with Fulton by her side, the two have set their eyes on southwest Atlanta.

“I have a restaurant called Baltimore Crab and Seafood that’s been in southwest (Atlanta) for seven or eight years now. I also have a restaurant called Bella in South Fulton. I live in this area,” Fulton said.

“Living here it’s disappointing when you’re hungry and you always have to go to Fridays, Applebees, or Longhorns. There are people around here (who are) doctors, lawyers, and professionals. These people have money. (There is) no reason why we don’t have the same choices as they have in Buckhead. I’m going to open a nice restaurant in my neighborhood.”

With three years under her belt as a business owner in the food and hospitality industry, K. Michelle how she initially started the venture.

“I thought I was just going to put some food on the table and everybody was just going to come, and we were going to have a party every day,” K. Michelle said. “I knew I wanted it to be clean that’s all I knew. I hate dirty restaurants so I knew that I wanted that kitchen to be spotless.”

“I like over the top stuff. We about to do some edible balloons on the drinks. I’m into restaurants and being competitive as far as the new creative items that are coming out.”

She also discussed her partnership with Fulton, credited her for a lot of their success.

“I listen to legends and I listen to people who have receipts in this business. I’m completely humble with partnering with someone of her caliber in this business,” K. Michelle said.

According to Fulton, K. Michelle “brings the fun, creative side” to their partnership. And said that her presence brings the restaurant to life.

(Photo: Chris Mitchel)
(Photo: Chris Mitchel)

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