Editor’s Note: Last week, The Atlanta Voice’s Jae Nash sat down with ladies of TV One’s “Sister Circle Live” for a special episode of “The Atlanta Voice Live” Facebook Live talk show to get an update on their experience with the show. Sharpe assisted with the production of “The Atlanta Voice Live” and penned this Girl Talk update as a guest columnist this week.

Hosted by Rashan Ali (broadcast journalist and radio personality), Quad Webb-Lunceford (cast member, “Married To Medicine”), Syleena Johnson (cast member, “R&B Divas Atlanta”), and Kiana Dancie (stand-up comedian), the show is the first all-African American female panel talk show that allows the women to give their insight on all aspects of life.

Still in its first season, the show got its start back in the fall 2017.

With unique backgrounds and dynamic personalities, the women engage in a variety of topics every weekday during their one-hour show. Their discussions are credited with being both informative and impactful.

Though targeted towards African American women, the show enjoys engagement from both sexes and all ethnicities on social media platforms.  And all of this comes from four women, filming a television show on a set in Atlanta, GA.

Coming from careers that require them to be in the public eye, the ladies all agree “Sister Circle Live” is completely different than anything that they’ve ever done.

Even Ali, who has forged a successful career in radio and television, talks about her the difference between her previous experiences and her current presence on the show.

“I feel so good to be who I am on “Sister Circle” and I’ve not been able to do that in any other space: fully be who I am,” Ali explained. “Not in the television space. In the radio space I was, but it’s good to be able to do that around people who that I truly adored and loved. So that’s healing every day, to be able to walk into your true self.”

On the opposite end, Webb-Lunceford comes from a background in reality television where the cameras have only revealed one side of her personality. The best part of being apart of this show, she said, is the opportunity to showcase her ability to provide an informed opinion in reference to topics that concern everyday people.

“These are the type of conversations that I have,” Webb-Lunceford said. “I know this is a completely different capacity that people see me in as opposed to how I am cast on ‘Married to Medicine.’ And sometimes things can be a little surface-level over there and, there are some teaching tools over there.

“But these are the conversations that I have when I’m amongst my girlfriends,” she continued. “I like deep discussions that are intellectual, that are stimulating, that are thought-provoking. And subjects that are life-changing! So, for me, appearing on Sister Circle Live has been quite refreshing.”

One of the biggest questions posed to the group is what was in store for the future of the show and where do they see themselves going? The collective answer among all four hosts was: endless possibilities.

The ladies all agreed that they see their platform growing as they continue to touch lives and engage with people. Their hope is that the show will be aired in other countries, increasing their reach across the world.

Additionally, they would like to gain more personal interaction with their supports through holding conferences or having a tour.

However, a more pressing concern it to be picked up for a second season. Judging by the show’s current track record, that might not be something that they will have to worry about.

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