Joshua King initially thought that a doormat was a simple household item that sat outside of the front door. He associated it with no value besides wiping your shoes before entering your home.

With more than 10 years as a brand architect, publicist, and digital marketer, Joshua has overseen partnerships, talent relations, and collaborations for artists like Sammie & Travis Porter, “Big 5” studios, and Akbar V.

“I combined my curating influences and activation with brands to create my own,” King said. “My entrepreneur journey has  led me to establish myself as a leading authority with keen cultural insights that bridge the worlds of entertainment, music, and brands.”

It wasn’t until a recent move that the realization of the cultural significance and entrepreneurial opportunity inspired him to create, “Foot Knowledge”.

Foot Knowledge is an urban lifestyle floor mat brand that aims to blend African-American culture with positive affirmations. Based in Atlanta, the startup company produces doormats that feature culture-related quotes, positive affirmations, and exclusive capsule design collaborations.

“The objective of Foot Knowledge is to educate, enlighten, inform, and inspire the culture with positive affirmations through a novelty piece of decor,” King explained.

King, with his co-creator Jonathan Clayton, started the line with a website and an inaugural collection. They officially launched the company during this year’s BET Awards weekend in Los Angeles in June. Foot Knowledge has since had an activation at this year’s Essence Festival.

“Foot Knowledge’s creation came about when I moved back to Atlanta and needed a doormat,” King said. “I wanted the doormat creation to reflect my culture. African Americans don’t have a mat to reflect our culture and Foot Knowledge is the answer to that. I felt like there is a need for something culture given that is a novelty piece for the community and those who support it.”

Foot Knowledge displayed its popular “Culture Is Made In Atlanta” design, which also serves as its flagship doormat. All prices are around $40, other designs include “No Bottle No Entry,” and “Welcome, Black Excellence Lives Here.”

Recently, Foot Knowledge formed a partnership with The BluePrint Group and its owner CEO Cortez Bryant. Bryant, who manages Lil’ Wayne as well as business operations for Wayne’s Young Money imprint, has become an investor in Foot Knowledge.

“I moderated a panel that (Bryant) was on. We ended up having an hour-long conversation which prompted him to invite me to his office for a Foot Knowledge presentation, which led him to trust the idea and vision of our company,” King said, explaining the relationship with Bryant. “This partnership means elevation, new opportunities, reliable resources, and a new brotherhood.”

King said Foot Knowledge plans to release music-inspired door mats in its second collection. These products will highlight various ways African Americans celebrate music and culture.

The plan is to showcase these mats at this year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards in October, King confirmed. Foot Knowledge plans to also host activations at the 2018 A3C Festival & Conference in October and Art Basel Miami in December.

In addition to new collections, the company is also rolling out a subscription service that allows customers to have two or four mats of their choice sent to them for one yearly price. Customers will also receive updates on the latest designs even though some products will not be a part of the subscription.

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