What is your name? *

Nolan English

What is your age? *


What is your occupation? *

Pastor & Social Entrepreneur

What is your city of residence? *


How many years in public service? *

I have 30 years of Public Service (0 years of Public Office)

List your Community/Civic Affiliations: *


Where can voters find you online? (social media links & website) *

nolanenglish.org (under construction at the time of submission)

What is the position you are running for? *


Why are you running for office? *

I’m running to provide Atlanta with leadership– not politics. I’m running to make an impact– not a living…not a legacy. Ongoing conversations about crime, homelessness, roads, and other things that can be easily remedied must be put to death by strategic action. I am here to provide said action.

In what ways do you believe your experience will assist you in your position, if elected? *

Experience has taught me to never limit any decisions solely to my own experiences. A good leader understands that they are not always the smartest person in the room and is humble enough to also lean and defer to the wisdom of others.

Why are you the best candidate for this position? *

The understanding that “the greatest among us will be the servant of all” makes me the best choice. A Mayor is a city’s greatest citizen; Therefore, a Mayor is to be the city’s greatest servant.

What do you think your constituents need the most? *

My constituents need a listening ear in addition to real-time, real world solutions for their concerns executed in a swift and precise manner. More action…less talk is what they want and need.

What would you do differently than the predecessor in the position/office you’re running for? *

What I plan to do differently is to keep the city and its leaders in lockstep with one another– especially on major decisions. How can two walk together accept they be agreed? I plan to keep intentional fingers on the pulse of the city so that we are progressively moving forward together.

What are the three (legislative) issues you will address, if elected? *

Legislative issues regarding Housing, Zoning and Transportation will be addressed immediately should I receive the citizens’ endorsement as Mayor.

If elected, what is your plan of action the first 100 days in office? *

1) Restructure and recruit Police Force to secure the city
2) Halt the construction of a new Police Training facility
3) Evaluate our Police Force, Police Chief, policies and training
4) Meet with all sworn Officers to discuss the actual needs and felt needs of APD
5) Enact Contingency Plan for Atlanta Public Schools to thrive
6) Eradicate Homelessness
Photo Courtesy: Nolan English
Photo Courtesy: Nolan English
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