Monday morning at the State Capitol, House Bill 481 that promises abortions would be banned six weeks after conception, passed 3-2 in the Georgia Science and Tech Committee vote, along party lines. Now it heads to the Senate where it could be deliberated as soon as Thursday.

The Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act stipulates Modern medical science, not available decades ago, demonstrates that early infants in the womb are a class of living, distinct human beings that, among other individual human traits, have their own distinct blood types, distinct organ systems, distinct central nervous systems, unique fingerprints, unique genetic characteristics, and approximately six weeks gestational age, detectable human heartbeats; from earliest development, unborn children need only nourishment and a safe environment to grow to full adulthood.

Republican Rep. Ed Setzler of Acworth, the House bill’s author, said last week that the government’s paramount duty under the state constitution is to protect “the fundamental right to life of our citizens, particularly those that are most defenseless among us.”

Governor Brian P. Kemp took to twitter to voice his support for the measure.

“Today, we took another step to ensure that life is valued and protected in Georgia. I thank the Senate Science and Technology Committee for their work and look forward to HB 481 receiving consideration by the full Senate.”

Meanwhile, Stacey Abrams voiced her opposition today on Twitter:

Republican Representative Ed Setzler is the author of the controversial bill HB481; if passed the bill would ban abortions in Georgia after six weeks. Photo: Associated Press

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