Popular social media funny guy, Desi Banks, has managed to up through the ranks of social media to land a role in the highly anticipated Will Packer Production film “Little,” starring
Regina Hall and Issa Rae.

Though the Atlanta-native appears in a small role as a Postmates delivery guy, the small victory symbolizes a major step in his career.

“I’m very thankful to get the opportunity to have a scene and be around some great actors and actresses,” Banks said. “It was inspiring.”

“I was on set for two days. When I saw Will Packer, all I could think about was Kevin Hart and being on set with people like Regina Hall and Issa Rae.”

Known mostly as a comedian on social media, Banks’ screentime normally happens on cellphones. Though he has appeared in a couple of independent films, “Little” is his introduction to big production content.

The Georiga State University alumni has come along way when he first started creating digital content back in college.

“I started out on Vine in 2012,” Banks said. “That was my humble beginning, the six-second clips. We were wishing we had more than six seconds. We prayed for that. That’s when Instagram came with the 15 seconds.”

When Banks first started creating content, he was a college football player.

“Back then I was just playing with it,” Banks said. “I wasn’t really taking it seriously because I was more into sports.”

“I didn’t start taking the comedy and acting seriously until I graduated from college in 2015 when football didn’t work out for me.”

However, the hometown hero has taken his online routine on the road, performing in his very own comedy tour, titled “Nothing But Funny.”

This year, the “Nothing But Funny” has 17 confirmed dates with stops in Charlotte, Miami, Las Vegas, Boston, and the Dominican Republic. According to Banks, he gives the people exactly “what the title says, nothing but funny.”

Additionally, he’s created Desi Banks Productions, which helps provide opportunities for other content creators. It also gives Banks an opportunity to move his career in the direction of other Atlanta-based producers like Will Packer and Tyler Perry.

“I was always creating content on my own, but I wanted to finalize my team,” Banks said. “I want to build and create my own content, give people chances and open up doors.”

The opportunity to appear in a Will Packer Production allowed Banks to get a glimpse of what his future could be and inspired him to begin to move in that direction.

For now, Banks has a schedule packed with tour dates and is excited for people to catch him in “Little.”

For more information visit www.iamdesibanks.com. Follow Desi’s journey on social media on Instagram @iamdesibanks, Facebook @desibanks4real and @ambitionbanks5 on Twitter.


(Photo: Desi Banks)

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