Atlanta rapper Offset, a member of popular hip-hop trio Migos, has teamed up with Axis Relay to create live and virtually streamed events through a new production company called AXSD Media.

Offset’s partnership with the Atlanta-based recreational technical center is a product of the COVID-19 pandemic and how social distancing has put a cap on entertainers’ ability to perform and tour for their fans. 

“The AXR+EXP Concert Series will be the new standard for live and virtual performances,” said Allie Young, CEO of Axis Replay. “Our company’s mission is to create experience-focused activations and that has translated well into streamed productions. Being a part of the music, entertainment, gaming and sports ecosystem, it made a lot of sense for us to leverage our experience and expertise to reconnect the industries that have been devastated by this pandemic.”

AXSD’s virtual events builds on its past experiencing producing hybrid events which include a virtual prom with actor and comedian Desi Banks and the Twitch-partnered HBCU Esports League.

The company also produced a hybrid concert experience in June 2020 with recording artist YK Osiris that combined a live stream music performance and an intimate studio viewing, which complied with CDC recommendations for social distancing, temperature checks, and masks.

35,000 virtual viewing tickets were sold to the event, while less than 50 attended the live performance. 

“Artists do not want to perform in an empty room and a camera. A performance is only as good as the experience shared with fans. What people tend to forget after months of zoom meetings, hours on streams, and isolation is that fans want a connection,” said Latabia Woodward, Offset’s business manager.

The partnership kicks off on September 11, 2020, with the AXR+EXP Concert Series, which will feature new and emerging artists performing live on stream. 

The monthly concert series is focused on empowering both artists and audience members to own and navigate their own concert experiences.

The AXR+EXP Concert Series will feature a live rooftop performance that will be held at the CODA Building in Atlanta and will adhere to CDC recommendations. Rapid COVID-19 testing will be available on-site to screen 50 attendees.

The first concert produced by the Offset and Axis Replay partnership will broadcast on FutureStream on September 11, 2020, for ticket holders. 

Tickets may be purchased at

(Photo: Courtesy of Offset)

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