Though the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on every industry and person around the world, one of the hardest hit was undoubtedly the travel industry. This was a very hard pill to swallow for Sean,44, and Crystal, 35, Foote, an Atlanta-based couple who were featured on Bravo’s “Below Deck Mediterranean.”

“We planned to go to South Africa,” Sean said. “That was a disappointment, the pandemic ruined that.”

As travel enthusiasts, the couple, married for four years, takes multiple trips a year to foreign destinations, sometimes with family and at other times with friends.

Crystal is an advertising executive and manifestation coach, while Sean is a former Grammy-nominated music producer who transitioned into wealth management in the early 2000s.

“We’re such avid travelers that for my birthday, I probably only had four people here and did a Hawaiian luau because I just missed traveling so much,” Crystal said.

Many people have been able to take advantage of travel opportunities recently with prices being cheaper and the only added cost being a mask, required to be worn at all times in airports and during entire flights.

Travel is so important to Sean and Crystal that it was one of the main topics during their first date seven years ago.

“The first date, I was like what do you like to do. And Sean told me that he likes to travel and that’s my passion also,” Crystal said.

Together they’ve been able to hit a lot of places on the map with their favorites being Turks and Caicos, Bora Bora, Italy, and Australia.

“It’s our goal to travel to every country before we die,” Sean said.

Before they were grounded along with the rest of the world, the Footes managed to score the opportunity of a lifetime as cast members on season five of “Below Deck Mediterranean.”

The Bravo show captures the lives of crew members about a yacht while charter guests come aboard to enjoy the ship. The main cast members are the crew and their captain, with the guests being the show’s guest stars.

Accordion to Crystal, the opportunity came by way of one of her clients.

“In 2019, my client passed along my information to a casting director for ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ and said I would be a perfect fit for the show,” Crystal said. “Sean and I were like ‘no, we’re not really reality show people.’ But this show was more up our alley because it’s not really focused on us.

“It’s moreso on their crew. We passed the interview process with the casting directions, the production team, and the network. And that’s how we ended up on the show.”

With their destination being Mallorca, Spain., the Footes were able to bring aboard three other couples, friends of theirs that they travel with regularly. The couples were Richard and Karen Bramwell, Corey and Barbara Graham, and Chris and My Lowe.

“The whole experience was above and beyond what we even thought about from a manifestation standpoint,” Sean said. “For us being on the yacht was phenomenal, the service was amazing but, for me the highlight was whenever when went off the yacht for an excursion or into the city of the coast of Spain that we got a chance to explore.”

Though the group only spent four days on the yacht, the trip lasted a week in total. They were guests aboard The Wellington, 184-foot mega yacht and the largest yacht that production had ever chartered for the show.

“The trip every day was incredible. It was a bigger meaning to me to be on the yacht, that specific charter, because it was going to be televised and it was a very diverse yacht. The majority of the people on board were African American,” said Crystal.

With the world finding some normalcy during the pandemic, travel has resumed and the Footes couldn’t be happier. Their first trip on the books was back to one of their favorite destinations, Turks and Caicos.

(Photo: Courtesy of Sean and Crystal Foote)

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