A life without music was simply not an option for Atlanta-based disc jockey, DJ Stormy Monroe.

Though she’s most recently known for her stint on OWN reality series “Ready For Love,” Monroe has been a DJ for two and half years, and a professional in the music industry since 1998.

“Ever since I was little, music has been apart of my genes and I didn’t know how to express it. That’s why I got into the (business side of entertainment),” Monroe said.

Somehow, she’s managed to parlay her DJ career into television appearances, acting opportunities, and avant-garde parties that showcase her unique sound.

Born without a distinct musical talent, Monroe spent most of her life working on the business side of the entertainment industry.

“I started off being a manager,” Monroe said. “I did record deals and helped do road management, but I’ve never been on the artistry side of it. I’ve never been an artist, in the box recording, I’ve always been on the business side.”

The daughter of a singer mother and music enthusiast father, the Trinidad and Tobago native moved to New Orleans at the age of 3-year-olds and worked behind the scenes in the entertainment industry until 2005 when Hurricane Katrina forced her to relocate Atlanta.

Monroe says the move temporary halted her music career. However, that pause allowed her career in corporate America to begin, allowing to find success outside of entertainment.

“I was the vice president in a major financial institution for the last 13 years since I been here,” Monroe said. “My corporate career was soaring, but I just felt like there was a piece of me that was missing.”

“Something in the entertainment industry just kept calling me back.”

Determined to break back into the entertainment industry, but this time in Atlanta, Monroe says that she took on side jobs as a promoter until she made up her mind to crossover into the artist lane.

“In 2012, my brother purchased DJ equipment, and we always played around with it,” Monroe said. “We were our own DJs.”

Shortly after, Monroe decided to invest in herself by crafting an EP, released in 2015, which showcased a crossover between EDM and hip-hop.

She says that the positive response to the project prompted her to take her career to the next level in 2017 to become a professional DJ.

Since then Monroe has quit her corporate job to become a full-time DJ and entrepreneur.

“I’ve owned my own entertainment business for the last five years,” Monroe said.

Monroe says that her company works to on the pre-production side of television/film, developing special projects for the big and small screen.

Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, she juggled her corporate responsibilities while pursuing entertainment until her career grew so much that it forced her to focus all of her attention on DJing, and other opportunities.

Recognizing the time and dedication she’s put into her craft, allowed her to receive international recognition, acting roles, and endorsements that she never thought were possible, Monroe says that she’s sure that she’s finally on the correct career path and will continue to push through and benefit from her hard work.

(Photo: Courtesy of DJ Stormy)

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