As seen on BET’s new reality show “Hustle in Brooklyn,” thriving publicist Alicia Gooding is a self-motivated go-getter who has a passion for exposing brands and managing clients. Gooding works behind-the-scenes, not only as a publicist, but also a manager, entrepreneur, friend, the list goes on.

Before the show, Gooding was brought on by the network to cast the talent, however, her great work ethic and impressive profile landed her a spot as a cast member as well.

Industry officials definitely respect Gooding’s ability to understand and possess the willingness to work hard. However, she is currently working on finding a balance between being an on and off tv personality/publicist. It’s not because things are too hard, it’s just something she has to get used to.

“Honestly, the balance is something I actively every day still try to figure out. No one kind of gives you a script, a blueprint for none of these things, so all you can really do is try to do your very best,” the young entrepreneur said.

Gooding’s eagerness to survive and win is what makes her talented and ambitious. Since being on the show, she has proved herself capable of doing anything she puts her mind to.

From New York City to Los Angeles, Gooding has secured clients Chinese Kitty, Stalley, and Yung Fats. She is also people oriented and has established great working relationships in the entertainment industry. She shares a few techniques on how aspiring publicists can learn how to network more effectively.

“When you meet people, especially if it’s someone you truly want to network with, say you meet so and so from Redbull or this person from Atlanta Voice, it’s great that you met them, now it’s your time to do your research,” Gooding said.

“Meeting people, networking and growing relationships is just like getting a job. No job is going to hire you if you only know the surface things and nothing about the company.”

Gooding goes on to further explain some of the processes that take place in her industry.

“If I want to get Kenya on my side to know about my clients, I’m going to find out what does Kenya write about,” Gooding said. “I’m not going to send Kenya a pitch for music if Kenya covers politics. You know these are basic things that people don’t even research or know.”

“People want to get their client in a print magazine but the people they’re pitching to only do online. So it’s your job, I would say one, research the people you’re networking with, so you can come to them with something that makes sense.”

Gooding has much experience as a boss and leader and over the years, she has let absolutely nothing get in her way, not even the word “no.”

“ One thing I tell people is that I’m not good at taking NO for an answer. I don’t care if there’s everyone closing the door,” Gooding said.”

“I’m the person that’s going to end up figuring out how to kick the door down or where’s the shallow part to this wall. There’s no such thing as ‘no.'”

Gooding is that she is willing to go above and beyond for her clients as she makes her way up the ladder towards success. There is no such thing as giving up. She believes in working hard, giving it her all plus, making things count.

Anyone that is looking to be just as successful as she is when it comes to being a publicist and working with celebrities, she recommends the aspiring to possess a characteristic of value, which is initiative.

“I think the initiative is one of the biggest things and I tell people, that’s just something you have or you don’t,” Gooding said. “You’re either hungry or you’re not.”

“You might not know what you’re hungry for but you’re either hungry or you’re not just when it comes to life. You know, so I think with that quest of having hunger you figure out what fills me. You figure out, ok, I used to do this to fill me, now I gotta do this because it fills me up more long-term. Right?”

Gooding is expecting to launch a podcast this January which she is very excited about. She had her first podcast eight years ago before it became a thing and now she wants to get the ball back rolling.

“Now that it really is a thing, you know, I kind of want a quarter of that market,” said Gooding. I’m a publicist and a publicist’s job is to deal with the media, so why wouldn’t I carve out a little intersection for me, for my clients to come to, for other artists to come to, for people to come to for press runs? So that’s my next move.”

(Photo: Alicia Gooding)
(Photo: Alicia Gooding)

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