If Black Friday doesn’t have anything to do with economics we shouldn’t be participating.

We are about to go into a major recession. We have a ton of evictions underway, foreclosures, federal fraud cases, and lots of people who have lost their jobs or about to lose them due to COVID-19.

We as Black people get so consumed with social media lifestyles, materialistic things, and looking rich, instead of becoming wealthy. We have to kill this poverty-stricken mindset.

Black Friday was created to keep us in debt or feeling bad about prioritizing. Tangible gifts to others when you haven’t created the ultimate gift to yourself which is financial freedom is Black Friday suicide.

We like to invest in our detriment and not our betterment. Let’s flip this.

For Black Friday, we’re gonna call it “Financial Freedom Friday.” Our community has been in an uproar about the presidency when that shouldn’t have been the focus.

The focus should be on creating our own economy, building generational wealth, creating multiple streams of income, and building six to seven-figure businesses remotely to leverage opportunity, build and create more jobs, and stabilization for our own. When we do this we won’t care who is in office.

Here is the Black Friday Financial Starter Kit:

  • Pull your personal credit from www.equifax.com for all three reports and scores. Do not use credit karma. They sell your debt to collection agencies.
  • Contact all three credit agencies: Equifax, Transunion, and Experian, to dispute any negative items on your credit reports that are inaccurate.
  • Open a bank account that you can build a solid report with
  • Build your personal credit. Start with starter cards to build your profile. Here are 3 recommendations with low costs: firstpremier.com, selflender.com, huttonchase.com
  • Start that LLC you’ve been procrastinating on. It’s a new asset added to the family. Learn to build business credit, so leveraging your personal will be an option, not your only reality.
In order to be better, we must do better. More millionaires have been created during the pandemic than you know.
It’s about supply and demand and problem-solving. What do you supply that’s in demand? What problems are you solving? Financial Freedom Friday can be every day when you position your life and finances correctly.
(Courtesy of Tianey Williams)

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