The future of private air travel has arrived. While the concepts of private flights, leasing aircraft, and fractional air ownership are not new, PlaneSense, based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire aims to provide its members with near “on demand” access to a fleet of modern, fuel-efficient aircraft. I spoke with CEO and President George Antoniadis about the company he founded all the way back in 1996 and specifically how Atlanta, GA is benefiting from advances in the private air travel industry.


  • PlaneSense has operations currently on 970 airfields in the US
  • The company has the ability to land at up to 9,000 airfields across North America
  • In 2017 they logged over 35,000 flights to destinations in 47 states, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean
  • Fractional owners purchase shares that grant them flight hours (ex: 1/8th share includes 100 hours)

The PlaneSense fleet operates 41 aircraft including the Pilatus PC-12 turboprop, the Nextant 400XTi jet, and the world’s first Pilatus PC-24 jet. The later being a brand new design described on the company website as, “one of the most technologically sophisticated jets available…” There are in depth specs on each aircraft on their website. Most carry around 6 passengers, and some of the fleet has the ability to land on unimproved runways such as grass or dirt.

PlaneSense customers are businesses, individuals, and even families. They are corporations, local banks, entrepreneurs, and humanitarians. Many of these customers need the ability to charter a flight quickly, on short notice, to multiple points of travel. Mr. Antoniadis’ clients use the service as “…a day expander.” He goes on, “There is always a ride home. We contribute to productivity and improve quality of life.” It is only with this type of private flight that you could stand up in the middle of the flight and change the destination on a moment’s notice.

PlaneSense has seen tremendous growth over the last ten years, but how does it benefit Atlanta? Interestingly enough, Atlanta and PlaneSense have been growing and building a relationship for many years. PlaneSense has pilot bases all over the country, but their very first satellite pilot base was right here in Atlanta, GA. Every since then, PlaneSense has actively recruited pilots from the Atlanta area, as well as hiring pilots who relocate to Atlanta as their pilot base (Yes, they are hiring CLICK). PlaneSense also contracts Atlanta based companies for a whole host of aircraft based services such as maintenance, storage, fueling, and crew service. This is a company that contributes not only to our local economy, but they are a job creator that seeks high end skill sets. Recent company growth ensures that Atlanta will be a major part of any future endeavor.

Are you the type of business owner, CEO, entrepreneur, or citizen that needs the freedom and flexibility that fractional owners enjoy? Do you need a time saving solution that works on your terms? PlaneSense could be the answer you need. Contact George Antoniadis and his team at PlaneSense at

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