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Becky A. Davis is the CEO and Chief Bosspreneur of MVPwork LLC., a company that is dedicated to the advancement of women-owned businesses. She is one of the nation’s leading business experts as recognized by top media outlets such as Black Enterprise, Forbes, Fox, The Huffington Post, Essence, ABC and TV One, just to name a few. This is her journey.

Tell us what sets your soul on fire and why.  

Davis: I love speaking and pouring into women.  It does my heart good to be able to impact someone’s life by sharing my story and giving some tips to help women keep moving forward.

What are you most proud of and why?

Davis: I am most proud of the person that I’ve become.  I really care about people and have a heart to help others.  I’m proud of all the good, bad and ugly that has happened in my life because it is how God has shaped who I am as a believer and business owner.

What has been your biggest failure and how did you rebound?

I’ve had several failures that I thought were big at the time. One was hosting my first live event/workshop and only two people registered for it.  I booked a room for fifty attendees.

I got on the phone and starting inviting people to come as my guest, which meant a free ticket.  I ended up with about twelve people there. I failed in hitting the target number I set out to do.  

I didn’t make any money. I sold a coaching program at the end that no one signed up for. After it was over and I evaluated everything, I realized there was so much I did wrong, and that I didn’t know how to do.  

The way I rebounded, was to learn.  I had to learn about marketing, promoting, selling my services and how to launch an event.  I hired a coach to help me with the things I did not know to cut my learning curve down.

What three things can you offer as practical advice for those who are struggling to face their failure and start again?  

Davis: (1) Failure is a prerequisite to success;  (2)You can’t avoid it or get around it. You have to go through it, because those failures really teach you want you need to know the next time. (3) If you are learning from your failures, you are not failing, you just didn’t get the outcomes you desired.  

What is something that you are unashamed to share with others?  

Davis: I don’t know it all.  I second-guess myself, I doubt my skills and abilities and I don’t see myself the way others see me.  The reason I share this is because if you look like you are successful, people tend to think you got it all together.  I don’t have it all together, I’m learning as I go and I’m learning how to put it all together.

What was the tipping point on your journey that allowed you to become unashamed?  

Davis: I shared with my community a series of video called, “my before” to show them that I was struggling trying to get things together in my business.  I shared my failures with them. I shared my fears with them and so many people could relate to it. It was my “ah-ha” that we need to share our struggles as much as we share our successes, because it not only frees us, it frees others as well.

When it comes to your faith, what have you learned the most?

Davis: I have learned that seeing is not believing; believing is seeing.  It is not until I trust God, believe in what I asked for and that He will direct my paths, that I am able to see God working in my life and business.  

In three words or less The Father is:

Davis: Faithful, There, Love.

What service(s) do you provide for the community?

Davis: I serve women business owners by equipping, empowering and encouraging them on their entrepreneur journey of growth. I’m a small business growth strategist and trainer for women business owners.  

Because of your commitment, what is the greatest success story you can share?
Davis: My greatest success story is my contract with the Coca-Cola Company.  It’s a success story because it helped me to accept my talent, skills and ability to deliver quality and excellence.  Like I said earlier, I doubt myself and feel inadequate at times, but I persevere through it. My confidence has grown.

Do you have any upcoming events, products or updates that you would like to share and how can the audience help support your efforts?

Davis: I host a bi-monthly networking breakfast held at the Coca-Cola headquarters.  The next one is July 26.

Where can people connect with you online (website and social media information)?
Davis: All social media is @bosspreneur and my websites are www.beckyadavis.com and www.thebosspreneurbusinesscircle.com


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