Editor’s Note: Tereion Henry is an Atlanta-native and serial entrepreneur who currently owns several businesses including Labeled Blu Collections, Labeled Blu Realty, Labeled Blu Transportation, Southern Hospitality Adult Daycare Facility.

Be Creative

It is essential to remain creative, be inspired by others, but do not copy. Turn negative circumstances into positive ones.

For example, during the pandemic, you can do little plays, little rollouts or campaigns with your business, make sure your customers know are safe during the pandemic and you are sticking to the guidelines of the pandemic, especially if you have a storefront.

Try to have a little fun because your audiences love that. 

Look at what worked before and look at what did not work before.

It is okay to go back to the drawing board, that is why it is essential to have a working business plan. That way you can go back to past years or months and see when you were at your peak or business was good.

Maybe just revamp it or get new packaging. You can introduce it to your customers again, especially if something was not broken, do not go back and try to fix it, maybe just remix it. 

Remain consistent

I know that sounds cliché but remaining there for your customers is important especially during a time of uncertainty. Your fans, followers, and customers are relying on us for certain services or products. Just remaining consistent especially your loyal customers is a very good way to at least grow or maintain your business at least until you figure out other options to expand or grow your business.

Remaining Transparent

Remaining transparent with your customers or audience base is a particularly good way to grow business because just like in any other service, industry or product, word of mouth takes you a very long way. So when you provide outstanding customer service, have a good quality product, remaining consistent, as well as transparent with your market audience that could grow your business. Especially if you are creative with it, hold tight and steadfast. That is a good way to potentially expand your business during the pandemic. 

Being Fluid

Being able to adjust to the times. One minute we had COVID-19, then the next day all hell broke loose. Everyone pretty much must adapt or change their way of thinking or even change business operations. A lot of entrepreneurs were not able to withstand the impact that COVID-19 had during this time.

For the entrepreneurs who did survive, new entrepreneurs, or upcoming entrepreneurs it is essential to remain fluid as well, be able to adjust or stay on a pivot.  For instance, one day you have a storefront and the next day the economy shuts down, and you are unable to go to work.

You want to make sure you can keep your business going. You need to make sure you have things in place like an online store or online services that you can keep your business running during these times. 

(Photo: Courtesy of Tereion Henry)

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