You are finally able to relax at your hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. So, now what? Surely sitting around doing nothing for the next week sounded good in theory but, you just cannot do it.

Let’s stroll down to Santo Domingo and learn some of its history. Well, it’s a two-hour drive to and from your resort so what are you going to do during the drive?

What else, but learn the history of the sugar cane and watch the Haitian workers harvest over 100,000 acres? Listen to Dario from IslandSun telling you how sugarcane is the biggest export of the country and the most used product in the country.

After the all-day tour of Santo Domingo, you are not sure if that’s what you want to do again. You do not want to get up extra early on vacation.  Let’s go back to IslandSun at the resort and speak back to Jeff and Ana. What do you have for half days in the afternoon? The Catamaran and Dune Buggy. Great let’s get started with the Dune Buggy rides.  

You will have fun they said. You will get dirty they said. They were right. We drove through every mud puddle and sand dune we came upon. So exciting for not only the experienced driver but for the new drivers. Some of our dune buggies took some heavy beating and had to be repaired.

The mechanics were right there with us and if they could not repair it, they gave you the one they were driving so that your tour would still go on. Great customer service from everyone we encountered. You could swim in the warm beautiful beach to rinse off which was our first stop or just wait until we reached the cave to jump into the cool waters of the cavern which was our last stop.

That was a great excursion and did not take too much time away from my lounging at the resort relaxing.  We looked forward to our last excursion the day before we left – the catamaran party boat to include parasailing, snorkeling, and partying in the ocean.

Pickup was a little late due to no fault of anyone (flat tire on the bus) so bring some patience for mishaps but we were not rushed by the company that was doing the party boat. Once we were there it was none stop. We took pictures, snorkeled, and were told what group we were in to go parasail.

Now, it’s time to check an item off my list. The view from up there was just beautiful. My nerves just did not exist once I was hooked up. The safety protocol was just amazing and done quickly.  Parasailing is for everyone even if its not on your bucket list. Try it at least twice.

The experiences we had was just amazing. If you want to go and relax please do. If you want to add excursions I recommend Jeff, Ana and Victor for your excursion needs. Not always the cheapest but the best customer service I have had so far.

Elliot is the owner and proprietor of Elliot’sTravel Express, a company that arranges travel excursions.

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