There are instances in life where people who mind their own business—and don’t believe in speaking about other folk’s business—have been hurt deeply, because others have spread false information about them individually or about their family.

A wise parent or guardian will teach their children while they’re young “to be careful who they share personal or family business with!”

One of the most disheartening things is to find that a person we confided in decided to confide in someone else about our personal information.

One of America’s most utilized communication expressions is the pastime of gossiping. In fact, gossiping is probably a common thread we share with others throughout the world.

Since there are such a variety of people involved in a host of activities, there’s always something to talk about. Talking is one thing, but gossiping is another. Gossiping is not a good thing!

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a gossiper is “a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts about others!”

One of the most interesting things about people talking intensely about another person’s personal business is that in many instances, those involved in the conversation don’t consider themselves gossipers; most likely, because it has become a regular, normal routine for them.

It’s sad to say, but gossip often meets us in church! Imagine the conversations during and after church when an individual who has been involved in a lifestyle described by church members as sinful, returns back to the church.

Yes, church goers gossip too! In fact some of the most finger-pointing discussions can be led by a so called “holier than thou” individual.

Gossiping is an opportunity many people use to help boost their own ego. We live in a world where most people want to feel they are not at the bottom of the totem pole; so they use gossip as much as they can as a reasons to look down on someone else.

The truth is, we all can easily get caught up in a negative conversation about someone else. All we have to do is be eating with our co-workers, sitting at the dinner table or at any setting where people gather.

If we are at home or in a public place minding our business, sooner or later we’ll get a chance to gossip.

With modern day technology-especially our cell phones-we become aware of many situations taking place in the world at a rapid pace; so the more we hear or see, the more there is to talk about and discuss.

With news of our President’s tweets, the vulnerability many of us feel, because of problems in the world, many of us trying to make ends meet, keeping our children in line and simply trying to live a decent lifestyle, some of us enjoy the opportunities we have for peace and quiet when gossip is far from our minds.

Gossip will always be around and there will always be those around us eager to spread bad news. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if each of us spent the time used for gossiping to do something to better ourselves?

Thomas Vincent Murphy is co-founder (family) of TVM Radio 1 (one) streaming live worldwide, and is syndicated on a network of stations worldwide on Life Talk Radio Network.

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