The first of Atlanta’s Streetcar vehicles has been repaired and will be back on the streets of downtown Atlanta for testing on Tuesday, Feb. 28, and anticipated to be used for service on Thursday, March 2.

Additional streetcar vehicles will return to service as they are repaired.

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) removed the four streetcar vehicles from service back in November, after engineers discovered wheel degradation that could pose a safety risk. The wheels on the first streetcar have been replaced and wheels on the other three vehicles will be replaced in the coming weeks.

“I want to commend our engineers for immediately making the decision to pull these vehicles so repairs could be made,” said MARTA Chief Operating Officer George Wright. “We are going to test out the new wheels so you will see the streetcar along its route for a few days before it returns to service. We ask that everyone who works, lives, or visits downtown to be mindful that the streetcar is back and to stay clear of its tracks and route.”

MARTA shuttle vans, wrapped to look like the streetcar, will continue servicing the route as the streetcar vehicles return to service.

The cost of the replacement wheels is approximately $400,000 and being paid through MARTA’s capital budget.