STEM advocate and women’s author Erica Miller has organized a “Women in Power” panel discussion scheduled March 9 at the Gwinnett County Library in Suwanee, GA.  

Attendees are expected to learn how to make a brand profitable, what it takes to move forward despite hardships, tips for successful mentorship, and ways to become valuable in the office. Interested attendees can RSVP for the free event using Eventbrite to obtain tickets.

“I wanted to provide resources and platforms, that normally wouldn’t be available to the public for free. I simply just wanted to help the community,” Miller explained. “Along with praising our panelists for their commendable work in their roles, each woman will also share their stories and give insight on how they rose into succession.”

Miller’s panel is comprised of women who represent six different life paths, including a woman in S.T.E.M., in law enforcement, in government, in diversity and inclusion, as well as a cancer survivor and an entrepreneur.

Panelists include:

  • Erica Miller, engineer and panel creator;
    • Lila Thompson, United States Department of Justice law enforcement officer;
    • Andrea Godette, cancer survivor and legal analyst for United States Department of Labor;
    • Kiana Morris, associate director of policies for Center for Disease Control and Prevention;
    • Niki Hester, diversity and inclusion human resource executive; and,
    • Jenior Freebree, owner of Minks Beauty Institute.

Miller has recruited Alysha Conner, assignment editor for The Atlanta Voice, to serve as the moderator for the panel discussion.


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