On Tuesday, U.S. Senators Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael G. Warnock announced over $11 million in funding to housing authority units across Georgia to combat homelessness, housing instability, unsafe living conditions, and human trafficking across the state. Provided through the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Housing Choice Voucher Program, the funding will be disbursed to local public housing agencies to help ensure working people have access to safe living conditions in rural, urban and suburban parts of the state. The housing vouchers will assist Georgians with low incomes and Georgians who are elderly, disabled, and/or homeless by helping them afford safe and secure housing, and recover from the economic and social challenges heightened by the pandemic.

“I am grateful we were able to pass this legislation that’s now sending federal funding directly to support the most vulnerable families and individuals in Georgia,” said Senator Reverend Warnock. “We cannot underestimate the importance of stable, secure housing to maintaining the health and safety of families and communities in our state, especially as we begin to overcome this once-in-a-century pandemic that’s only heightened housing disparities. I will continue fighting for the federal support needed to keep Georgians safely housed.”

Georgia Residential Finance will receive approximately $6,629,556 in funding, the Housing Authority of Atlanta will receive $1,412,232, and the Housing authority of DeKalb County will receive $965,808.

“The COVID-19 pandemic intensified the challenges that too many Georgians face every day, like finding and maintaining safe, affordable housing. The American Rescue Plan is delivering this crucial funding to help Georgians who need it most, and any Georgian struggling to access housing or rental assistance resources should contact my office — we are here to help,” said Senator Ossoff.

Georgia Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate Raphael Warnock, left, and Jon Ossoff, right, gesture toward a crowd during a campaign rally on Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020, in Marietta, Ga. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

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