Tensions run high in the season three return of BET HER’s “From the Bottom Up,” which returned Saturday at 10 p.m. EST. After a fall from grace, five high profile women begin the long road to redemption while navigating family, friendship, careers and love.

“From the Bottom Up” is an eight-episode docu-series following the journey of these women striving to change their lives, rebuild their families and live their dreams.

Created by former Brownstone singer turned TV producer Nicci Gilbert-Daniels, “From the Bottom Up” comes from Flavor Unit Entertainment and executive producers Queen Latifah, Shakim Compere, Gilbert-Daniels, Luchia Ashe and Yaneley Arty.

Angela Stanton is basking in the recent success of her book, “Lies of a Real Housewife,” exposing a popular reality show star.

She may see the light at the end of the tunnel now, but her story is flooded with sacrifice and betrayal. She has served jail time on multiple occasions, including 17 counts of conspiracy, racketeering, fraud and more.

Stanton wants to provide publishing deals for women who are currently incarcerated and teach them how to use their pain for prosperity. Now, her story has a fresh start, but where does she go from here?

Tamika Wright is a brutally honest former teacher who always had entrepreneurial aspirations. She dabbled in investments, including a clothing boutique, but her eye was caught by a lucrative business to which a love interest attracted her.

When she saw how her husband’s WIC accepting storefront businesses’ potential to bring in millions of dollars, she risked everything to capitalize on it and make opportunities within it for her family and friends. Her good intentions cost her everything, after being caught for the illegal business practices.

Now that she and her husband have lost everything, she is trying to redeem her skillset and direct it towards legal entrepreneurship that will put her family in a comfortable place again.

Danielle Jones and her Boston banter encountered a popular Atlanta model, actor, and football player Stevie Baggs.

Assuming that they had something rare and special she dove into a promising partnership. When she became pregnant, everything changed and what once bonded them wasn’t enough to doctor the damage. She moved back to Boston until their daughter was two years old while watching Stevie date and flaunt his lifestyle on social media.

Heartbreak doesn’t land soft at any age, and she is determined to regain her focus and put her priorities on her passion regardless of her problems.

Iesha Jeng has had an elixir of experiences, good, bad, and pivotal fall into her lap over the years.

Becoming a mother at the age of 16 launched her into adulthood sooner than she expected and, when her mother died, it seemed that nothing could make the toxic hand life had dealt her worse.

When looking for a job, focused on taking care of herself and her children, she had a chance encounter that led to receiving her own wardrobe department while applying for a job at Mizay Entertainment.

Brandi Davis spent years as a dedicated girlfriend, yet was led down dark road teaching her lessons about love and loyalty.

While tangling herself in the thread of drug dealing, she was involved in a sting with a conspiracy charge to distribute cocaine. She served seven and a half out of ten years, leaving behind a three-year-old son and coming home to an 11-year-old was hard.

Davis is trying to make something of her life after losing everything.

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