Morris Brown College teamed up with Edible®, to provide direct training and job opportunities for its hospitality and global business management students. The partnership will further expand its growing hospitality program.

“We are thrilled to continue to grow our hospitality program partners by working with companies that will provide direct experiential learning opportunities to our students,” said Dr. Kevin James, President of Morris Brown College. “I look forward to Morris Brown being a direct pipeline of diverse leadership within the
career fields of hospitality and organizational leadership for Edible Arrangements and other prominent hospitality organizations in Atlanta. Edible’s headquarters is located in Atlanta, so this partnership strengthens my goal for Morris Brown to become one of the top institutions in the country for Black and Brown people to learn how to own, operate, lead, and manage franchises, restaurants, and hotels.”

Edible Brands is the parent company of Edible, a leading retailer and e-commerce provider as well as the world’s largest franchisor of stores offering all-natural fruit, snacks, dipped treats, and fresh fruit arrangements with more than 1,000 locations worldwide. Since its founding in 1999, the company has been recognized as an industry leader, ranking first in its category in Entrepreneur magazine’s annual.

The company is known for its fresh fruit arrangements, chocolate dipped fruit, fresh fruit smoothies, fresh produce boxes, fruit flowers and other treats can be ordered through any local Edible store or online at

“Edible is excited to work with Morris Brown College in the continued mentorship of the school’s hospitality and organizational management students,” said Cheikh Mboup, Edible Arrangements President and COO. “Through internship opportunities, hands-on training, and Edible leadership seminars, we look forward to playing a part in setting these individuals up for success as the next generation of business leaders in the local Atlanta community and beyond. Moreover, we hope to foster their entrepreneurial spirits by helping students learn more about franchise ownership opportunities post-graduation.”

Morris Brown College’s hospitality program already received $500,000 from Chick-fil-a earlier this year, after announcing plans to have a national hotel chain located on its campus.

Dr. Kevin James, president of Morris Brown College (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Morris Brown College)
Dr. Kevin James, president of Morris Brown College (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Morris Brown College)

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