Nouveau Bar & Grill, an establishment located in College Park, celebrated its one-year anniversary on Saturday, October 24, with an HBCU homecoming extravaganza.

“With most schools canceling their HBCU 2020 homecoming events, we provided the city with an awesome experience and a chance to celebrate attending or matriculating from their alma maters,” said Ebony Austin, owner of Nouveau Bar & Grill and a Langston University graduate.

For the celebration, Austin pulled out marching bands, dancers,  and multiple DJs including DJ Sings Condo from Morehouse. Selected attendees and college students received gift cards, cash prizes and HBCU gift bags.

Two college students also received cash to pay their remaining tuition balances.

“We had two SUVs filled with groceries for college students and community members to grab anything they needed,” Austin said.

Opened in October 2019, Nouveau Bar & Grill was originally targeted for the urban professional crowd with a renewed spin on comfort food. Now, re-opened for business, after being closed due to COVID19, the theme of the restaurant-style is still “bringing Chicago back to Georgia.”

(Photo: Courtesy of Nouveau Bar & Grill)
(Photo: Courtesy of Nouveau Bar & Grill)

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