Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms notified Atlanta Police Department officers that they will receive their first compensation adjustment on Dec. 21.

Beginning Dec. 21, all police personnel at the Police Officer rank will see an increase in their pay and overall compensation—which will bring them to the competitive benchmark for their tier. Other ranks will begin to see adjustments to reach the competitive benchmark beginning July 2019.

“The City of Atlanta has a world-class police force and its members deserve to be justly compensated,” she said. “Atlanta’s security relies on the recruitment and retention of law enforcement’s top talent. Thank you to Chief Erika Shields and the Atlanta Police Foundation for their leadership in helping the City keep its promise to those who make Atlanta a safe and welcoming city.”

On Oct. 1, the Mayor announced a historic comprehensive plan to raise compensation for APD members, signing the legislation into law two weeks later on Oct. 15.

During her October press conference, Bottoms said that the City would make an investment towards police compensation by January 2019. The disbursement of the first round of police pay raises on Dec. 21, delivers on the Administration’s promise ahead of schedule, according to Bottoms and her staff.



Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms
Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

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