Do you remember when Keyshia Cole put hands on Birdman‘s side chick, Sabrina Mercadel, in 2014? That’s honestly when we were all made aware that the “I Should Have Cheated” singer and Birdman were in a couple.

Apparently, Keyshia turned into her mama, Frankie, because she burst into the man’s condo and clawed Mercadel’s face, mouth, and punched her in the nose. Homegirl is said to have even lost the use of one of her fingers because of the incident.

Welp, Mercadel filed a lawsuit against Keyshia and was reaching for $4 million. While she didn’t get anywhere near the million-dollar mark, the singer has been ordered to pay $100,635. And now, the Cash Money CEO isn’t even with Keyshia or Sabrina. He’s now allegedly married to Toni Braxton.

All of this drama over a man and punching a woman in the nose! That’s a pretty penny and is so unnecessary.

Baby, I hope the singer doesn’t act like this with her alleged boo, Floyd Mayweather.

Source: The YBF



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