The Rotary Club of Johns Creek - North Fulton introduced its agenda for the 2023-24 year, featuring a new service initiative intended to up the chapter's work in the community. Photo by Janelle Ward/The Atlanta Voice

Leaders of the Rotary Club of Johns Creek in North Fulton County revealed plans to up public service efforts and increase collaboration between local businesses and organizations at the group’s Vision 2023 meeting and luncheon Wednesday afternoon, as the chapter outlined its goals and future events for the upcoming year.

The meeting brought together local leaders, philanthropists and business owners to share ideas and form partnerships aimed at instilling a lasting impact and improving the wellbeing of the North Fulton community.

Impact 100, a new initiative proposed by the chapter’s president, Nicole Washington, challenges the club to perform 100 service projects in a single year, all of which would benefit the residents of Johns Creek and surrounding cities.

Washington said that 100 projects in a year is a lofty goal, but one that tests the chapter’s ability to organize regardless of whether it’s achieved.

“I always believe in shooting for the stars,” Washington said. “If you don’t get the star, that’s okay, because you’re going to get some stardust. But if you don’t shoot high enough, you’re never going to get a thing.”

Small businesses were highlighted in Wednesday’s conversation, which play an integral role in the local economy. MJ Jennette from the Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce said that more money remains in the community when spent at local businesses as opposed to larger chain establishments.

“Statistics show that $68 out of every 100 stays in the community when it’s spent on local businesses,” Jennette said. “When you spend it outside of local businesses… only $43 stays in the community.”

This power also makes business owners key constituents in improving equity and opportunity in North Fulton. Devon Dabney, head of public image at the chapter, said that business owners and philanthropists have the ability to make a positive impact on their communities so long as they collaborate in doing so.

“We’re not to be competing; we’re not to be utilizing organizations to set up political interests or financial gain,” Dabney said. “We’re supposed to be helping each other.”
Dabney also said that Impact 100 can act as a gateway for Rotarians and members of the community to get involved in the organizations working to make a difference for North Fulton residents.

“Hopefully, with Impact 100, you can plug into [Johns Creek’s nonprofits] and really do good things,” Dabney said.