Last week, I was traveling with my family to North Carolina to speak at The Victorious You conference on “The B.O.S.S. Manifesto: How to Believe, Own, See and Seize YOUR Unique Potential.”

My husband was driving and my little ones were in the back seat asking the inevitable, “Are we there yet?”

North Carolina isn’t a long drive but with the traffic delays, stops for gas and food, it took a little longer than expected. 

As we were riding, I started to reflect upon where I am in life and began to ponder the very same question – “Am I there yet? What’s taking so long? How long God before I get there? How long before the promises and the visions you gave me will come to pass?”

This journey I’m on can sometimes feel like it’s taking FOREVER with no progress and the frustration is real, however, I also know that His timing is impeccable.

As my 40th birthday approaches faster than I imagined, smh, I have really been thinking about my life, my calling, my purpose and my legacy more and more. Am I truly living up to what the Father created me for?

Am I moving forward, staying behind or not moving at all? Am I doing all that I can to help move the needle?

If I am honest with myself I would have to say NO to some of these questions. I know my shortcomings, I know the areas where there is room for growth and it is not going to happen without me putting in the work.

There is no overnight success. You must do your part so the Father can release His resources, divine connections and purpose onto the vision He is birthing through you. He is waiting on you to get into alignment.

The consistent message from the Father that I keep hearing lately is to embrace the pain and struggle of your journey because it will launch you into your promise.

I don’t know about you but so many times I felt like I was moving further and further backward rather than forward. However, when you are being launched, just like a bow, you must have tension and be pulled backward.

It’s the resistance that gives momentum to launch you forward. Sometimes you must simplify, sometimes you must purge, sometimes you must fail, sometimes you will fall before you can go forward. It’s part of the process.

If you don’t accept the process and become fluid you will stay frustrated and constantly feel as if you are going nowhere.

Trust me, I felt this way for a long time. However, the reality is that you are constantly in a state of movement because your vision and what the Father has spoken will never return void. 

So, even while you are standing still, He is speaking through your circumstances, through your “failures,” through the disappointments.

In every part of my life there are four areas the Father is calling me higher in: consistency, commitment, discipline and sacrifice.

He is bringing this to my attention because of what He has created me for and the impact it will have on the future generations I am called to.

He is not going to allow my mediocracy to birth the vision. It will be birthed through consistency, commitment, discipline and sacrifice – in my health, in my marriage, as a mother, as an entrepreneur, as a wife, as a daughter of a King, as a Woman of God who is called to help empower other women.

My husband and children were in the audience watching me as I spoke to the men and women at the conference. They saw their mother walk in her purpose and impact the lives in the room. They were watching me the whole time and other people noticed it.

Your calling impacts not only you, but everyone in the room and most importantly, those closely watching and that is a legacy worth leaving behind.

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