The words “unity” and “togetherness” have a warm ring to them that can make an individual involved in a family, organization or group feel as though they are a part of something special.

Unities, along with camaraderie, are two of the best assets a family, group or nation can have.

Sadly, there seems to be a slippage in feelings of togetherness and unity in our country lately. Individually, family wise and in our population we have allowed a divisive attitude to infiltrate our democratic society.

A great deal of dysfunction and separation comes from within many of our families; and with the high divorce rates and the lack of complete families in many households, more problems can often take place.

One of the greatest pluses for being an American citizen is that each of us can look forward-because of unlimited opportunities-to the possibilities of a great future.

Lately we are becoming a nation surrounded by mistrust, dissention, finger pointing, bickering and uncertainty.

Some of the things we as a country have worked so hard to eliminate seem to still be raising their ugly heads. It feels as though there is a concerted effort to divide our great Country; which is not what we are supposed to be about.

None of us should want to be a part of a future living in the atmosphere of an unhappy, divided nation!

We aren’t robots, and in our nation with freedom of speech, our opinions and ideas will vary; but just as families have their internal arguments, we as a nation shouldn’t allow our differences or opinions to divide us as a nation!

As the world watches, some of the things we as a country have been known and respected for are being exhibited less and less. We mustn’t return to some of the pitfalls we have worked so hard to overcome!  

In 1799 in his last public speech, orator Patrick Henry made the statement, “Let us trust God and our better judgment to set us right hereafter. United we stand, divided we fall.”

These are serious times! The formula for our future can begin in our homes and spread into our communities. Each of us can make a difference through voting and other contributions to our society.

We need less gossiping and speculating and more action and solid service. Despite the many distractions we are dealing with during this time in our history, we are still blessed to live in a Country where changes can be made to improve how we live.

Remember, though we all may not agree on some things, we still live in the greatest country in the world!

Thomas Vincent Murphy is co-founder of TVM Radio One, which streams worldwide. He has been syndicated on radio stations worldwide and appears on the Life Talk Radio Network and on the Loud Cry Radio Network, which is based in Ontario, Canada. Murphy is also a motivational speaker,  writer, arranger and producer of music and the author of “Wake Up Crazy World.”

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