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After the crash of 2008, workers either held tight to the jobs they managed to keep or they scrambled to cobble two or three gigs together into a paycheck. A decade later the job market has bounced back and at 3.8%, we are nearly at full employment in the United States. Today’s professionals have options. They work hard and they want their company to work hard for them. Enter HIVE, Talent Acquisition Firm. HIVE is an Atlanta based organization, started by Veronica Jenkins and Dana Neiger, that specializes in recruiting professionals across industries from accounting to engineering, biotech to telecomm. I was able to catch up with the co-founders at their WeWork headquarters. We spoke about the job market, how they got started, and they gave me some valuable advice on refreshing my Linkedin page.

Veronica and Dana are both human resource recruiters with over a decade each in experience. Their business has been growing steadily since they opened back in November of 2017. They offer services to both companies and to job seekers, which puts them in the unique position to play “matchmaker.” HIVE also offers training, resume refresh, as well as “access to job opportunities not publicly advertised.” In a competitive employment market like Atlanta, HIVE is an invaluable asset to the modern job seeker.

Work/Life balance is always a topic that I bring up when I talk to the small business community. As HR professionals, HIVE understand that employees work differently now. Veronica told me that she and Dana are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Veronica believes in a strong 4 hour, 4 day semi-nomadic work week, while her co-founder Dana likes a more conventional schedule. Dana said that she comes from a family of attorneys, and she is the type to stay long hours at the office. Veronica would prefer to do a marathon workload in the office, and then continue her work remotely. They both told me that the temptation to work non-stop creeps into both styles of work.

HIVE also helped me refresh my Linkedin professional networking page. Linkedin has quickly become the first place that companies look to see a candidate’s qualifications and credentials. Here are a few quick tips I learned from them that really helped to make my Linkedin stand out:

  • Make sure your profile image is a clear, fairly close-up, current photo. Put your best face forward!
  • Be sure to update your “job seeking status” so that recruiters and companies know you are looking.
  • Attach media whenever possible to your job history. This give recruiters more details on your work.
  • Update all sections on your profile, including projects, languages, and certifications.

One other great tip that I learned from HIVE was that you should keep a spreadsheet of all your job applications. That way you know all the places your resume lives. Sometimes when you apply for a job, your resume can be placed on a hold by other recruiters. This can prevent you from being considered for a position. It is also very useful to have a spreadsheet of your applications if you would like to work with talented recruiters like HIVE. That is because when you work with them, they work hard to find you a job that fits your personal and professional goals. They analyze not only your resume, but also your approach to business. The Atlanta market is serious, HIVE is serious professional help.

HIVE is located at 3340 Peachtree Rd NE, STE 1010 Atlanta, GA 30326. Call them at (404) 401-2970 or go to their website

Veronica Jenkins and Dana Neiger, HIVE

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