After a late-game shootout, the Creekside Seminoles defeated the Mays Raiders 49-48 in front of an intense crowd at Lakewood Stadium.

This game was a must win for both teams as they came into this game 3-3 with the loser most likely not making the playoffs.

The Raiders wasted no time getting off to a great start, as they were able to punch it into the end zone on their opening drive leading 6-0.

After a three and out by the Seminoles and Raiders, the Raiders punt was blocked by the Seminoles giving them great field position on the Raiders 11.

Lazarus Anderson and the Seminoles wasted no time putting points on the board as Anderson found Tyson Meiguez for an 11-yard touchdown reception to lead 7-6.

Jahquez Evans conducted the Raiders offense and moved them into the red zone. A costly interception by Evans gave much momentum to a Seminoles offense who began to find their rhythm. After a long completion by Anderson, the Seminoles scored putting extending the lead to eight.

Evans led the Raiders offense again, this time to the Seminoles eight-yard line. A controversial fumble by running back Tyree Nelson that the Seminoles defense returned for a touchdown, the score was 21-6 and seemed to be a huge game changer.

It seemed like it was not the Raiders night as their turnovers were getting in their own way and the Mays fanbase was calm and silent.

This was not going to be the night for the Raiders as their own players and coaches challenged them to be better. On their ensuing offensive drive, Nelson and the Raiders offensive line made their mark on the game punishing the Seminoles run defense. This time Nelson finished the offense drive with a 12-yard rushing touchdown to narrow the lead to nine.

Poor special teams by the Seminoles caused the Raiders to make a play on Jaylen Dunson giving the Raiders the ball back deep in Seminoles territory. Nelson finished the short offensive drive with another rushing touchdown to bring the score to 21-18.

A strong defensive stand by the Panthers led to another offensive drive resulting in a touchdown by Nelson. The Raiders converted on the two-point conversion to lead 26-21 going into halftime.

The Seminoles received the second half kickoff and wanted to start the quarter off strong. The Raiders defense stood tall and forced a turnover on downs to give Evans and the offense an opportunity to build on their lead.

Evans found his best receiver Terrence Morton for an 80-yard touchdown reception to extend the lead to 13.

The Raiders fans were going crazy and their band was giving the fans more to get excited about. Meanwhile, the Seminoles football team was shocked and seemed to be at a lost for emotions. The question now was if the Seminoles were going to fold?

The Seminoles answered quickly with a rushing touchdown to narrow the lead back down to six. The defense also held strong making Evans and the Raiders offense turnover on downs, shifting all momentum back to their side.

As the clock ran to zero to end the third quarter, Anderson threw a 50-yard bomb to Julian Perkinson to take the lead since the first half at 35-34.

As the Seminoles kicked off the 4th quarter, it was their time to stop the Raiders offense and pull out the win.

It did not go this way as Evans lead another offensive drive and found his tight end Jaquari Wiggles to regain the lead 42-35.

Anderson and the Seminoles answered finishing their ensuing offensive possession with a rushing touchdown by Anderson to tie the game.

Evans answered again with a rollout rushing touchdown of his own to take back the lead 48-42.

Coach Maurice Dixson and the Seminoles offense did not rush to score on their ensuing drive. Instead, they took time off the clock by running the ball and continuing to get first downs. Tyler Malone scored the game-winning touchdown giving the Raiders possession with 41 seconds to go.

Evans tried to find Morton downfield in double coverage but was intercepted which ended the Raiders chance of a last-second comeback.

The Seminoles will travel to Alexander High School Friday, Oct. 19 to fight for playoff position while the Raiders will travel to South Paulding to face the Spartans.

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