Atlanta-based home design expert and HGTV host Egypt Sherrod announced today that she has teamed up with Coca-Cola’s Gold Peak Real Brewed Tea to spread the gospel of achieving complete peace and relaxation with the ultimate “TEA” Shed – a clever pun on the trendy concept of “she-sheds,” which are backyard getaways where one can kick back and relax.

Sherrod, who is also set to appear on the second season of OWN Network’s “Black Love,” shared with The Atlanta Voice how creating and retreating to her “TEA” shed in the comfort of her backyard helps her to strike a perfect balance with being a working mom but also finding time for herself.

“Our family loves Gold Peak Tea,” Sherrod said, fighting down a hearty laugh. “In fact, it’s often the first thing my husband writes on the grocery list attached to our refrigerator when we run out. When I had an opportunity to partner to create my own ‘TEA’ shed, it seemed like kismet.”

Sherrod said she drew on her experience as an interior designer and rolled up her sleeves to create her very own she-shed, highlighting a trend that seems to be catching on all over the country. In fact, Pinterest searches for “she shed interior ideas” have increased by 70 percent in the last year.

“Unlike man caves, which seem to focus on the latest technology and gadgets, she-sheds are the exact opposite! They’re all about creating one’s own backyard escape,” she explained. “Also, man caves are obviously spaces for men — ‘tea’ sheds are not only gender neutral but a lso spaces that can serve as multi-functional for men or women.”

Tea sheds don’t have to be terribly expensive, Sherrod said. Nor do they require any additional structures besides an old tool shed or even an unused garage space.

For her own tea shed, Sherrod said envisioning her space as a calming, soothing oasis came from her love of tea and other natural features. She said that she was able to find furniture and accessories made from eucalyptus, teak, stone, and quartz.

“The point here is to get creative and to create a space that holistically represents you,” she explained. “My husband has his fire pit in our back and my kids have their play area. I realized that I had nothing of my own to represent me in our backyard.”

(Photo: Gold Peak Brewed Tea)

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