The Harlem GlobeTrotters aren’t done searching for an answer to their manifesto or their request for an NBA franchise but with no answers yet to their letter, the Globies are looking to get back to work “Spreading Game”.

Jeff Munn the Executive VP and GM of the GlobeTrotters says that they’re still looking to become NBA franchise and they’ve only just begun.

“We’ve only just begun this campaign, it wasn’t a stunt,” Munn said during the press conference. “It was a statement. The Harlem GlobeTrotters, in 1948 and ‘49, we beat the world champions. Singlehandedly. We went out there and dominated. The second game, no contest. We beat the world champion twice. The NBA used to use the Harlem GlobeTrotters just to bring people through the door because they weren’t drawing fans. People were not interested, but they loved the GlobeTrotters.

“Over time, the NBA started taking our players,” he continued. “And wouldn’t give us a franchise. But they took our players. We helped them build the league and they took our players. Where is the equity in that?”

Munn says that they’re trying to get in touch with the NBA commissioner and they’ve done everything they can to make their efforts known publicly and there is a hope that they would have a conversation with the commissioner.

“Our foot is on the gas,” Munn said. “Because again, it’s not a stunt, it’s a statement — The Harlem GlobeTrotters deserve a franchise in the NBA.”

Even Sunni Hickman the VP of Marketing for the Harlem GlobeTrotters believes it’s a win-win for the NBA and the GlobeTrotters due to the style of play that they’d bring to the league.

There was a question of how they’d effectively field a team as their push for diversity bringing more women to the GlobeTrotters would be handled. Hickman says that they’d field an appropriate team for the league.

The GlobeTrotters have three fully stacked teams right now according to Hickman.

“Our organization would do the things that are necessary to continue the family entertainment experience and style that we bring to families while pursuing and developing an appropriate NBA franchise.”

Even a former NBA player and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins believes the GlobeTrotters should have a chance to be a franchise and says that no real player looks down on the program.

“Any real NBA players that have played this game, no one ever looks down on the Harlem GlobeTrotters,” Wilkins said. “We grew up enjoying the Harlem GlobeTrotters. It was a family event that you went to enjoy. It was a lot of those guys who people wanted to be like. A player’s a player. It’s as simple as that. And these guys are great players.”

The Harlem GlobeTrotters’ new Spread Game Tour comes to State Farm Arena Sunday, July 25. The game is scheduled for a 3 PM tip-off.

The Harlem GlobeTrotters continue to search for an answer to their request of being an NBA franchise. (Photo Credit: Kayla MaDonna)
The Harlem GlobeTrotters continue to search for an answer to their request of being an NBA franchise. (Photo Credit: Kayla MaDonna)

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