There are many talented people in this world. Yet, very few are successful, according to how the world seems to view success.

Money, awards, assets and popularity are usually major factors in what many of us consider a successful person. If we don’t inherit a great deal of money or assets, it will take hard work and determination to reach our goals.

Some of the most talented people who are seeking success in the entertainment, sports, business world and other avenues of life fall short of their goals, because they aren’t willing to make the sacrifices it may take to reach the goals they dream about!

If we are complainers, procrastinators, thin skinned, easily intimidated and without an aggressive attitude, chances are a lot slimmer of us becoming a success in today’s competitive world.

One of the first rules we should make is to stay away from, and don’t be influenced by negative complaining people! Do as much as possible to be around uplifting people; but we must keep a positive attitude also, because they might need a boost also from time to time.

When we hear a talented individual say they’re just waiting for the right break to come their way, skepticism might be in order.

If we truly believe in our abilities, “waiting for a break to come along” could be a serious mistake while looking for success. In the busy world of today, we must reach out through social media or do research on the internet to find legitimate places to send music.

Getting the proper assistance from an experience person who can give solid advice would be a good thing. Volunteer to do community work that involves our talent.

We can never tell who might be in the audience to hear our renditions.

Of course, if we are singers and success to us would mean singing in church and receiving great compliments from fellow members, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But if we want to reach the world with our God-given gift, we must expand our listeners form the walls of the church to the media outlets of the world; where we could uplift millions who hear our music. We must not give up on our dreams!

Keep in mind the fact that “there will always be those who want us to compromise our integrity while giving us promises of success.” An important thought to also keep in mind is that “having the Man upstairs in our corner is as good as it gets!”

A determined spirit, hard work and dedication can lead to success in any field.

Thomas Vincent Murphy is co-founder (family) of TVM Radio 1 (one) streaming live worldwide, and is syndicated on a network of  Stations worldwide on Life Talk Radio Network.

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