If there is ever a doubt in your mind that you can’t follow, and most importantly trust your dreams, look to Georgia Dawkins for inspiration.

The former “Sister Circle Live” producer is living her dream, day by day, with the faith she walks so strongly in. She is now exploring new realms of her career that she never saw possible by quitting the job of her dreams and getting into her “proper position.”

Dawkins’ new book, “Everybody Knows: The Power of Being in Position,” sheds light on learning to see signs that are specifically designed for those who are “in the world and not of the world.”

It does not share the story of Dawkins’ life but works as an aid to help people recognize and make those sacrifices that will ultimately place you in your rightful position.

“It was January 2018 when I resigned from ‘Sister Circle,’ the very show I helped create and develop, all because God told me to leave, Dawkins said. “It was scary but it was exciting because I knew if God was telling me to leave this, he had something even greater for me.”

“I left ‘Sister Circle,’ two days later I began to write my book. I completed it in eight days and published and released it in ninety. I then started touring after that. It was scary but it goes back to the power of being in position. God positioned the right people around me to make sure I was getting the necessary lessons for that next step and that next level.”

Furthermore, Dawkins launched her very own media company, Georgia Dawkins Media, and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer. The company’s mission in the media industry is to produce purpose and help people reach their dreams and destiny.

“Whatever your transition is whether it’s leaving your job, starting a new business, or leaving a relationship, I tell everybody to do what I did and that was to get quite,” Dawkins said.

“To be by myself long enough and eliminate distractions long enough to hear the direction. That was very spiritual for me, I was waiting to hear from God for my next direction. It was in that silence that he confirmed what that next move was for me.”

Dawkins also shares the unique challenges that she faced while finding her rightful position.

“Getting used to being on the other side of the camera and not being in the interviewer seat has been a major challenge for me,” Dawkins said. “I had to find a whole new confidence.”

“It’s grown me in a way, a part of my business is media coaching so now I’m able to better explain to my clients what it’s like to be on the other side and vice versa.”

Moreover, Dawkins’ transition from working in news production, reporting, and television producing to authoring her own book wasn’t as rocky as some would imagine since she still manages to keep her hands in all facets of the industry.

“I just started a role last week where I’m helping to get The North Star off the ground, as in The North Star that was founded by Frederick Douglas and Martin Delaney in 1847,” Dawkins said.

“It’s now being revived as a digital news platform, The North Star News Group. We’re launching North Star Today next week and I’m the guest producer, so I’m back in news which is a place I didn’t really see myself coming back to but then again it’s all about the power of being in position.”

Aside from writing and producing, Dawkins will be hosting a panel at the upcoming “Black Writers Weekend” where she serves as a LIT Ambassador.

“Because I’ve been in TV so long people look at me as a TV producer who writes, but I’m so much more than that. There is so much more to me than just my resume,” Dawkins said.

As for now, she is working on a few projects to keep her busy throughout the rest of the year.

“I want to write about entrepreneurship,” Dawkins said. “This was my first year of full-time entrepreneurship, I was always one of those struggling journalists who had side jobs.”

“This year taught me more about myself than I ever cared to know. It was like okay you work for you now, you report to you now, you are responsible for you now. Your mental health, your emotional health, your spiritual health, all of that falls on you now in addition to the budget. You have to love yourself to be a successful entrepreneur.”

(Photo: Georgia Dawkins Media)
(Photo: Georgia Dawkins Media)

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