“A lot of people tell me, ‘I can feel you in the flowers and I know you did them with love’,’” says Ednita Tingle, owner of Roots and Blooms in Decatur, Ga. “I love hearing this. It’s why I do what I do.”

Tingle moved to Atlanta from Chicago after working in the corporate sector for several years, initially moving to Atlanta to be with ‘a boy’. She creates stunning, sophisticated arrangements that force you to take notice out of her flower studio.

“We chose Atlanta because we felt like this was a place we could really build a business,” she continues. “It seemed like fertile ground to have this type of business placed on my heart.”

To enter Tingle’s studio is to be transported to an artist’s workspace that is colorful, welcoming, and has the scent of a garden. While cutting the stems of roses and with jazz music playing in the background, Tingle begins to think to herself and then aloud. “So many people think being a florist is so glamorous,” says Tingle, who started Roots and Blooms 15 years ago after working part-time at a flower shop. “It’s really just a bunch of dirty water.”

Tingle begins each day with e-mails and phone calls from retail, existing, and new clients. The next thing on her ‘to-do’ list is checking project plans for her corporate accounts (corporate offices, restaurants, hotels and residential properties) where she installs flowers weekly.

“We normally acquire flowers everyday opposed to sitting on inventory,” said Tingle. “This assures that our clients are getting the freshest product and we select containers and determine the design plan.”

Flowers were a major part of Tingle’s youth. She recalls her mother having an ‘amazing’ garden at her home in Detroit. She also remembers visiting a black owned flower shop in her native city of Detroit that had arrangements she will never forget.

“Even though we were in the city of Detroit where it’s winter 9 months out of the year, it really was amazing,” said Tingle “There was a flower shop in Detroit that would have these amazing holiday installations. It was then that I realized flowers are truly an artistic expression.”

An undated photo of Ednita Tingle, owner of Roots and Blooms in Decatur, Ga. (Photo provided by Ednita Tingle)

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