On November 19, a new men’s clothing store called The Fitting Room B opened in Brookhaven. The store is owned by celebrity stylist Robert “Middleman Fresh” Flood. He has worked with a variety of musicians, from Young Thug to Jacquees to R&B trio Next.

Flood got his start in the fashion industry at the age of 18. He’s always had a passion for putting looks together, which would win him “Best Dressed” in high school. After graduation, Flood pursued styling as a career once he realized it was something that he could make money doing.

His first paid job as a stylist was putting together looks for a music video. He asked for $2,500 to do the shoot and was instead paid $10,000 for his work. Flood purchased the items from the shoot from Walter’s near Georgia State University’s campus.

Over 23 years later, Flood is still working as a stylist, creative director, and now a store-owner. He had a store previously with a co-owner, but is excited to have a store of his own. 

“I guess [Fitting Room B] more so like a staple for me as a stylist,” Flood said. “Now, I can pull from my own store, I don’t have to go anywhere, and shop like that. And then a lot of my clients would come here as well.”

Fitting Room B doesn’t have a target customer, and Flood welcomes anyone “who wants to dress” to check out his selection. The store features big, well-known brand names, but also smaller labels as well, like Waka Flocka’s Skrit and independent local artists. 

Flood hopes to expand his store into more cities across the country, such as Los Angeles, New York and Miami. Franchising is also a possibility in the future.

Something coming to Fitting Room B in the near future will be a program that allows local fashion designers to have their clothes sold in Flood’s store. A process is currently being created to allow designers to apply and be selected to be featured in the store.

Bria Suggs became a General Assignment Reporter for The Atlanta Voice in August 2021. In 2019, she earned 2nd place for Best Entertainment Story at GCPA. In SEJC's 2020 Best of the South Awards, she placed...