Former NFL players Marshall Faulk, Heath Evans and Ike Taylor have been suspended pending an investigation from their NFL Network duties amid sexual harassment allegations by former make-up artist Jami Cantor.  Cantor originally filed a lawsuit in October 2017, but has since amended it, sighting names and some graphic details about the incidents.  Some of those details include lewd acts, including sexually explicit pictures, and even physical restraint.

Marshall Faulk (center) on the NFL Network set with Falcons QB Matt Ryan (left) and analyst Michael Irvin (right).

The actual suit includes both current and former NFL Network Employees.  Those included are current ESPN Analyst Donovan McNabb and Eric Davis, along with former analyst Warren Sapp, who is not currently employed as an analyst, and former executive producer, now with The Ringer, Eric Weinberger.

In the midst of the current climate of sexual harassment and sexual assault claims, companies have acted swiftly to get ahead of the media firestorms.  Cantor says NFL Network Human Resources informed her she was fired due to theft of clothing, but Cantor claims the real reason she was terminated was because she was “too old” at age 51, as she has witnessed the network “age out” other employees.  None of the ddefendants have addressed the allegations at this time.

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