“Love what you do and do what you love” is a saying that Moses Carroll agrees with because this motto and way of life inspired him to open Fit Squad Studios, a gym located in Atlanta, Ga., and opening soon in Decatur and Austell. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur and opening three of his own gyms, Carroll worked as a General Manager for LA Fitness for roughly 10 years. Carroll says he learned to become a successful business owner by working for the company.

“I love and respect my business as if I’m working for someone else,” said Carroll. “My mentors who groomed me to become a manager at LA Fitness taught me work ethic, how to conduct business, and how to speak to people.”

Carroll grew up in Memphis, Tenn. as an only child who had dreams of becoming a psychiatrist, but after high school he chose not to attend college and began working for a local gym called French Riviera Spa. In 1999, he moved to Atlanta and continued working for various gyms until 2010 when he launched his first business, Pole Dance America. He hosted pole dance competitions for 5 years, experiencing homelessness and living in his car. Carroll sold sponsorship packages and tickets to vendors, sponsors, and participants in order to keep the Pole Dance America competition going.

“I was able to do it because of my desire and passion,” said Carroll. “Not being able to take care of myself and pay bills was hard, but as long as you have a good product and service or it’s interesting, it’s easy for people to buy into it.”

In 2017, Carroll used the money he made as a new entrepreneur to open his first Fit Squad Studio. For the first 3 years in business, he slept in the gym and couch surfed. He says he was able to keep going and continued enjoying being a gym owner because he was having and continues to have fun. According to Carroll, it was easy for him to decide not to give up on his dream of becoming his own boss because living in his car or with friends was a better decision than having to work for someone else.

“I wanted to create an environment where people can come, have a good time, work out, and be around people they enjoy,” said Carroll.

Fit Squad Studios specializes in small group workouts, but personal training options are also available. Nine classes are offered at Fit Squad Studios, including Rope Burn, TRAP Boxing, Bunz & Gunz, and a Tone & Tighten class. All programs at the studio are based on an Endurance Strength Structure (E.S.S.) system which combines weights and cardio and uses a heart rate-based training monitor. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the gym can visit fitsquadstudios.com for more information.

Photo provided by Moses Carroll

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