In an exclusive to The Atlanta Voice, Atlanta Public Schools Board member Byron Amos has announced his resignation from his District 2 post.

Amos provided the letter he submitted to APS Board chairperson Jason Esteves, which stated: “Leaving those that I represent is not easy but leaving knowing that the District is in a better place, offers some comfort. Although I did receive the legal opinion that you forwarded from our legal counsel, Nelson and Mullins, stating that I didn’t have to resign, I have decided to do so. It is with great torment that I hereby offer my resignation from the Atlanta Board of Education.”

The letter did not mention whether Amos’s resignation is effectively immediately; however, in the letter, Amos shared some of the accomplishments he is most proud of during his tenure, including:

  • A 28 percent increase in our graduation rate
  • The creation of the beginning of an APS Equity Policy
  • M. Agnes. Jones Elem. become the first state STEM certified school in APS
  • The multi-million-dollar renovations of Brown Middle School
  • The creation of the Michael Hollis Innovation Academy where our children are learning computer coding, robot technology, and our student-teacher ratio is about 1:12
  • Reallocated millions of dollars out of the Central office back into the classroom
  • The creation of the College and Career Academy that will return Vocation and Technical education back to APS
  • New leadership at my alma mater, the Historic Booker T. Washington High School

“Being elected to live my life in the service of others is one of my most cherished moments and biggest accomplishments,” Amos stated in the letter. “My time of service on the Atlanta Board of Education has been one of great achievement. I look forward to the next chapter in my life of public service.”

Atlanta Public Schools District 2 board member Byron Amos (left) has announced his resignation from his post. (Photo: APS Board of Education)

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