By Melvin Everson, former Georgia State Representative

Georgians are getting slammed at the pump by rapidly rising gas prices. However, despite what some might claim, this energy crisis began long before Russia invaded Ukraine.

The reality is that Joe Biden’s disastrous energy policies are largely responsible for why Georgians have seen gas prices rise by over a dollar over the past year. 

While Georgia Republicans were fighting Biden’s disastrous policies, Raphael Warnock supported him every step of the way. 

Now that Warnock sees inflation is the number one concern for Georgians, he’s offering a measly band-aid fix to a crisis he helped cause.  

Raphael Warnock believes the best way to provide relief to Georgians is by temporarily suspending the 18-cent federal gas tax through the midterm elections. This would not account for the actual increase that Georgians are seeing at the pump.

His proposal is nothing more than a cheap election year maneuver designed to quiet upset Georgians while ignoring his support for disastrous energy policies that are the root cause of rising gas prices.

Gas prices in Georgia have gone up 46 cents alone over the past month and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has only exasperated the crisis.

Thanks to Raphael Warnock’s decision to vote against the Keystone Pipeline, America’s reliance on Russian oil is costing Georgians even more.

However, Warnock is trying to shift the blame off him and on to oil companies. 

Raphael Warnock is hoping that Georgians would forget he voted to block the Keystone Pipeline, stood by as Biden begged OPEC to produce more oil and supported Democrats’ radical climate change agenda. 

His problem: they haven’t.  

This isn’t the only instance where Warnock has tried to rewrite history and paint himself as the “people’s champion.” 

In response to high insulin prices, Raphael Warnock has begun showcasing his proposal to lower insulin costs. This comes after he stayed quiet as Joe Biden rescinded a Trump-era executive order that was designed to do just that.  

If the executive order had not been rescinded, low-income Georgia families would have been benefiting from lower insulin prices months ago.  

Yet, now with the election only eight months away, Raphael Warnock is attempting to promote himself as a champion of the issue.  

Warnock’s band-aid fix and election year pandering is a slap in the face to Georgians who have suffered in large part because of his dogged and unquestioning loyalty to Joe Biden and his agenda.

Come November, Raphael Warnock will be in for quite the surprise if he thinks Georgians won’t hold him accountable for the harmful and disastrous policies he has supported over the past year.

No political tricks or election year rebranding can erase the fact that Georgians are worse off today with Raphael Warnock and Joe Biden in office.  

Melvin Everson is a former state representative from Snellville, GA and a surrogate for the Republican National Committee.

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