As many of us swap summer garb with winter gear, there’s a segment of the population that is swapping out their entire zip code this season and migrating to warmer climates.

They’re called “snowbirds” and mostly come from Canada and colder U.S. regions. Though many snowbirds are retirees, there is a growing group of working people with remote jobs adopting this lifestyle.

Besides the sunny blue skies and beaches, there are several health reasons why many people avoid cold climates as they get older. Maneuvering through snow and ice gets more dangerous and a slip could cause severe, long-term and even fatal injuries. In addition, cold weather often limits healthy activities like walking, jogging and bicycling.

This phenomenon has created a subculture of people with their own set of rules and interests. Here are some fun facts about snowbirds to help you get to know them better, because you never know – you may want to join them one day!

Five facts about snowbirds:

  • Arizona, Texas and Las Vegas have joined Florida as prime destinations for snowbirds
  • Snowbirds blog! One couple blogs about their journey at Snow Bird RV Trails
  • There are publications dedicated to seasonal traveling. The Winter Texan Times is distributed from October through March and targets people who live in Texas during the winter
  • Most snowbirds are between ages 50-69
  • Snowbirds report better health than people in their age group who live in one place year round

If this lifestyle entices you, there are steps you can take now to get ready for this type of living later.

Five ways to prepare for the snowbird lifestyle:

  • Visit different locations now and create a short list of cities you would consider living in for half the year
  • Explore real estate opportunities in areas of interest
  • Consider investing with friends, relatives or other couples with whom you can share a property
  • Keep your belongings to a minimum to get used to a “get up and go” lifestyle
  • Calculate retirement costs and create a financial plan to ensure that you are ready. Use this retirement prep checklist to get started

Though there aren’t many publications that have shared snowbird stories, we know they are out there! Are you a person of color who has adopted a snowbird lifestyle? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Share your experience in the comment section below.




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