According to Georgia Democratic Party officials, 4,700 hundred applications to vote by mail are missing in DeKalb County. The Secretary of State’s office is looking into the claims and are taking these accusations seriously.

In a statement, Sam Tillman, Chairman of the Dekalb County Elections Board says the 4,700 absentee ballots that have been requested were mailed.

“Approximately 4,700 registered voters that the party claims requested absentee ballot forms via a mailer sent out by the party,” Tillman said. “After reviewing the list of names, there is evidence that the county received 48 of those voter absentee ballot request forms. All 48 of those forms have been processed,” Tillman continued.

“At this time, there is no evidence that there are any missing or lost absentee ballot request forms. The Elections Department receives request forms daily and processes them within three days of receipt,” he added.

The Dekalb County election commission later sent a statement to WSB-TV. It reads:

“DeKalb County Board of Voter Registration and Elections maintains that it has been unable to confirm that there are any missing or lost absentee ballot request forms. 

“County officials have physically searched the elections offices and the county’s mail processing center and have found no misplaced absentee ballot request forms.”

“Our message to voters is this: If you requested a vote-by-mail ballot from your county and your county did not send you a ballot, go in-person if you are able to an early voting site,” Seth Bringman, spokesman for the Democratic party of Georgia, told the Times. “We will not allow Brian Kemp’s voter suppression or mistakes by election officials to take away your right to vote.”

Photo by: Itoro Umontuen
Photo by: Itoro Umontuen

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