Former President Donald J. Trump will attend Game 4 of the World Series Saturday night at Truist Park, according to Braves CEO Terry McGuirk. The news was first reported by USA TODAY Sports.

“We are going to give him his own suite,’’ McGuirk said to USA TODAY.

McGuirk said the Braves are not endorsing Trump, but the organization is open to all paying customers.

“We are apolitical,’’ McGuirk said. “We’re open to anyone coming. It’s great that he wants to come to our game.’’

On April 2nd, former President Trump blasted Major League Baseball’s decision to move the Major League Baseball All-Star Game from Truist Park to Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. In a statement, Trump urged his supporters to “boycott baseball and all of the woke companies that are interfering with Free and Fair Elections.”

This is the one area Trump and Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp have common ground. As both men currently do not see eye-to-eye, Kemp tweeted the following from his personal account Saturday night after the Braves won the National League Pennant:

“While Stacey Abrams and the MLB stole the All-Star Game from hardworking Georgians, the Braves earned their trip to the World Series this season and are bringing it home to Georgia. Chop On, and Go @Braves !”


Abrams tweeted her disappointment April 2nd, while praising MLB’s willingness to lead from the front.

“Like many Georgians, I am disappointed that the MLB is relocating the All-Star game; however, I commend the players, owners, and League commissioner for speaking out,” Abrams wrote. “I urge others in positions of the leadership to do so as well.”

Meanwhile, Kemp went on FOX and Friends Monday morning, impugning the notion that politics and sports can co-exist.

“It’s really ridiculous to inject politics into sports, and into baseball,” said Kemp. “They moved it to the state of Colorado that’s more restricted than Georgia is. This was purely political decision.”

Kemp went on to rail against MLB’s decision to pull the All-Star Game from Truist Park.

“That’s what was so outrageous about the last decision. That took $100 million of economic impact away from small business owners, a lot of minority businesses, and employees in Atlanta and then Cobb County where the ballpark is, for no reason other than politics.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Stacey Abrams responded with a statement, saying, “As Braves fans across the country were celebrating, Brian Kemp swung and missed again with his bizarre deflection of blame for the harm to Georgians resulting from a bill that he signed.”

Georgia’s political plot thickens as the redistricting meetings are set to get underway Nov. 3 at the State Capitol.

President Donald J. Trump speaks at the "Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit" Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, April 24, 2019. Photo by: Evan Vucci/The Associated Press

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