Have you ever ridden a Bird? Or maybe a Lime or Relay Bike?

Well, these new forms of dockless motorized transportation popped up in Atlanta without warning in Spring 2018 and haven’t slowed down since.

Dockless motorized scooters, like those manufactured by Lime and Bird, have served as a relief to the complex transportation network here in Atlanta, but some feel that the smaller vehicles are dangerous to both riders and drivers while also polluting the cities sidewalks.

When a user is done using a motorized scooter, he or she can simply lean it up against any pole or wall, take a picture of it within the app, and then go about their day. 

Many times, people can see these scooters stretched out across walkways, which, in collaboration with additional safety concerns, has led to the banning of the scooters on the campuses of Morehouse, Spelman, and Clark Atlanta University. 

The motorized scooters have also been banned along both routes of The Atlanta Beltline as well as even many parks in and around Atlanta.

In early January, Atlanta City Council laid down regulations for scooter companies, which include a fine for every scooter that doesn’t allow at least five feet of space for pedestrian walking and a $12,000 permit to operate 500 scooters. 

Citing safety concerns and nuisance issues, The City of Alpharetta in North Fulton banned the increasingly popular dockless scooters in late May, becoming the first Atlanta-area municipality to take steps to ban the controversial devices.


(Photo: Ross Terrell / WABE)

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