The 10th annual Bronze Lens Film Festival opened on Aug. 21 with a special screening of “Don’t Let Go” at Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema.

Actor and producer David Oyelowo (“Selma”), who stars in the film alongside Storm Reid (“A Wrinkle in Time”), served as a special guest and a host for the screening. The film opens in theaters nationwide on Aug. 30.

The supernatural film sees Oyelowo play the role of detective Jack Radcliff for the L.A.P.D who receives an unexpected phone call from his recently murdered niece Ashley (Reid).

The catch is that the call takes place two weeks after her murder.

As the story continues, Radcliff discovers that throughout detailing the mystery of the murder, he reconnects with his niece, supernaturally. However, he’s only able to accept incoming calls from her while experiencing scattered flashbacks.

As Radcliff uses his skills to roam through his reality and that of his niece’s, he realizes that in order to save her, he has to get Ashley to retrace her steps and adhere to his instructions.

“Don’t Let Go” gives audiences more of a transtemporal effect relating to the ascendancy of time, time travel and the perplexity of communicating within the realms of time-lapse. This intriguing film was directed and written by Jacob Aaron Estes.

Without giving too much away, this is truly a film that will leave you wanting more. With the countless amount of cliff hangers, this film makes the mind wander and keeps viewers guessing. From the level of acting to the scriptwriting, it’s an amazingly thrilling body of work.

(Photo: Blumhouse Productions)

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