The North African country of Sudan is undergoing extreme political turmoil as what was once a non-violent political protest, has turned into a vicious attack on humanity. 

In recent months, community activists and local citizens have partnered to combat the issue of Sudan’s continued rising food costs and fuel shortages. Citizens have demanded a change of its long-standing authoritarian government. 

Due to the ousting of former President Omar Al-Bashir, military control has led to excessive violence against progressive protesters.

Sudanese doctors have reported more than 70 cases of rape, murder, and restrictions to internet access in major portions of the country. These claims are supported by multiple social media postings from those with ties to the once peaceful country. 

This political uprising has lead to an alarming death toll of more than 128 and climbing. 

Many users on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have changed their profile photos to blue, the favorite color of a slain protestor, in solidarity with those fighting for progress in Sudan. 

This image from the Sudan Uprising has gone viral. (Photo: Twitter / Lana Haroun)

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